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Introducing Contactually, Our New Technology Partner for Helping You Manage Relationships | Placester

Introducing Contactually, Our New Technology Partner for Helping You Manage Relationships | Placester

The Placester team is excited to announce that we are partnering with Contactually, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution for real estate professionals and small businesses. To help you understand what this partnership will mean for Placester users, we got in touch with Contactually CEO and Co-founder, Zvi Band.


Placester: What is Contactually and what prompted you to create it?

Zvi Band: In 2011, I was running a small boutique web development firm called SkeevisArts. Because of my success, I could only reliably focus on my current projects and the top 1% of my inbox. As a result, I had a hard time following up with past clients and new leads, letting important relationships slip through the cracks and leaving money on the table. I tried every tool out there, from Google Contacts, to Excel, to Highrise and beyond to no avail. I needed something that both stayed out of my way and helped me run my business and uncover opportunities for growth.

P: What sets Contactually apart from other CRMs?

ZB: Other tools on the market make you manually enter in a ton of data and log interactions, without doing anything for you in return. As a result, the user ends up falling out of of touch with the people in his or her network. Contactually, on the other hand, automatically looks at every email and message on major social media channels in order to compile your contact database for you and remind you which of your contacts require your attention. We proactively tell you who you need to talk to in order to grow your business.


P: How do you think Placester customers will benefit from using Contactually?

ZB: Experienced real estate professionals know that strong relationships are at the core of their business. Following up with prospects and staying in touch is the number one differentiating factor that separates agents with incredibly lucrative careers and the ones who don’t. With Contactually, you’ll LOVE how you’re able to effortlessly and nearly automatically stay in touch with hundreds or thousands of your leads and your sphere of influence. For example, how many times have you lost touch with a potential buyer or seller, only to find that he or she went with a different agent at the end? Contactually prevents that from happening, leaving you with total peace of mind knowing that you’ll never lose touch with those important sources of business.

P: What’s one aspect of Contactually that Placester’s users should know about and leverage?

ZB: I’d take a look at our email templates, which allow you to quickly and rapidly stay in touch with your contacts at scale. We give you a few of them when you sign up, but you can go ahead and edit them or add any additional ones that you’d like to use to your account. We also have an iPhone application live in the App Store, which we’re very proud to announce! Install that on your iOS devices to stay in touch and bucket your contacts on the go.

P: What will the Contactually/Placester integration look like?

ZB: With our new integration with Placester, any time you get a new lead on your website, we’ll automatically place that lead into a Contactually bucket. You’ll set follow-up reminder intervals for those buckets so that Contactually can automatically remind you to engage with those incoming leads.