Real Estate CRM & Email Marketing Tools

Placester's Agent Pro includes lead management and email nurturing tools so you can turn contacts into closed business.

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Stay in touch with the right people, at the right time.

Capturing leads is just the first step toward winning clients. Our CRM and email marketing tools help you stay organized and keep in touch with home buyer and seller prospects.

  • Manage Leads

  • Email Leads

  • Track Leads

Manage Leads

Nurtured leads produce 20% more sales opportunities compared to non-nurtured leads. — Demand Gen Report

Manage Leads

Organize captured leads and follow up efficiently to close more deals.

External lead routing & upload

Manage all your online connections in one place with automatic routing of leads from your real estate lead generation efforts on Zillow, Trulia,, and other sites to your Placester CRM. You can also use our CSV file import to manually upload a list of open house leads.

Open House Sign-in App

Maximize your next open house with Open Home Pro by Placester, the digital open house sign-in sheet and lead management tool for your iPad or Android tablet. Open Home Pro indicates visitors who have a home to sell or don’t have an agent, so you know where to focus your time.

Segment contacts & leads

With audiences and tagging, you can sort leads and contacts and tailor your messaging to their needs. Tags can include anything from lead characteristics (children, senior), to preferences (multifamily, pool), to how you met (123 Main Street Open House).

Know exactly who’s in your contact database and when it’s the right time to reach out.


Email Leads

Segmented and targeted nurture emails contribute to 58% of brands’ revenue today. — Direct Marketing Association

Email Leads

Keep your business top of mind with targeted emails and drip campaigns.

Real estate email templates

Engage leads with Placester’s professionally written real estate email templates. Personalize your emails with dynamic fields for higher open and click-through rates, and add logos to reinforce your brand.

Real estate email blasts

Choose a specific audience or reach your entire email contact list in a few clicks with company news, price reductions, and open houses. Track your results with stats on open rates and click-through rates.

Drip email marketing

Build long-term relationships automatically with customizable, real estate specific drip email campaigns. Choose from pre-written campaigns for buyers, sellers, and branding, or create your own. Configure each campaign so that leads begin receiving relevant emails as soon as they meet your requirements.

Save hours on lead outreach each week. Learn how to set up email automation workflows.


Track Leads

82% of customers viewed five or more pieces of content from the winning vendor before making a purchase. — Forrester

Track Leads

Learn about lead activity and respond more quickly to improve your results.

Lead tracking & activity reports

Learn more about lead preferences with detailed reports on site activity, including pages visited, forms submitted, favorite listings, and saved searches. Plus, suggest your own saved searches with daily or weekly email updates for increased engagement.

Placester CRM mobile app

Manage your contacts on the go with Placester’s CRM mobile app for iPhone. See your newest leads, create tasks, add notes, and text or call a lead directly from the app.

Create & manage tasks

Advance your relationships with leads by creating and assigning tasks for next steps like emails, calls, and appointments. Set reminders to ensure you never miss a follow-up. You can also add notes to lead profiles to document important conversations and log milestones.

Take the headache out of contact communication. Let our lead management tools do the heavy lifting.