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Announcing Multi-MLS Support for Placester Websites | Placester

Announcing Multi-MLS Support for Placester Websites | Placester

Multi-MLS support for Placester websites

Even as MLSs merge and consolidate into larger organizations (Bright MLS being the most prominent example), there are still over 700 MLSs of all shapes and sizes across the U.S. While many real estate professionals are able to work within one MLS, others need access to listings from two or more MLSs. As these agents and brokers know, seamlessly integrating all of these listings on a single IDX website can be surprisingly challenging.

Today, we’re pleased to announce Multi-MLS support for Placester websites.

With Multi-MLS, Placester users can obtain multiple IDX integrations to display and search listings from two or more MLSs on a single Placester website.

Who is Multi-MLS for?

Multi-MLS is for real estate professionals who are members of more than one MLS, and want to display listings from all of their MLSs under a single search on the same website. This includes agents who are active in more than one region or licensed in multiple states. (Areas where Placester users have commonly requested Multi-MLS support include New Jersey, parts of Florida, and Greater Atlanta.)

Do I need to be a member of multiple MLSs to use the Multi-MLS feature?

Yes, you can only receive an IDX integration and display listings on your Placester website from MLSs of which you’re a member.

Is Multi-MLS included in my subscription?

Multi-MLS is included in Placester’s advanced Agent Pro and Broker Pro subscription bundles. (Note that depending on your MLSs, you may incur additional fees or surcharges for access to IDX data.) If you’d like to upgrade to a plan that includes Multi-MLS, click here to speak to a member of our sales team.

What if I have a property listed in two MLSs?

If a property is listed in two MLSs, and both MLSs are active on your Placester site, the listing may appear twice. This type of overlap is rare, but possible, so it’s important to note if you have the same listing in multiple MLSs.

What do I do if I currently have multiple websites?

To market listings in different MLSs, some Placester users have created additional websites for each MLS. If you have multiple Placester websites that offer distinct content and value for different audiences, we encourage you to keep them! If, however, you’re using your additional sites as a workaround, and would prefer to migrate to one site with Multi-MLS, click here to contact us.

How do I set up Multi-MLS?

To display listings from multiple MLSs on your website, you’ll need to request an integration with each MLS separately. Once your integrations are complete, you can choose which MLS listings you wish to display by logging into your Placester admin panel and selecting “IDX Listings” from the Apps Menu in the top right corner of your screen.

For more information about setting up Placester’s Multi-MLS feature, visit our support page. To request a demo of Multi-MLS or upgrade your subscription, click here.