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4 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About WordPress

By Colin Ryan


Through the efforts of both the software engineers at WordPress and the countless developers tinkering with new plugins every day, the WordPress platform has significantly expanded since its humble beginnings. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s expanded beyond the grasp of the average person. Here are a four amazing ways that WordPress makes your life easier when it comes to running your business online.

Getting Started

First, it’s incredibly simple to get started on WordPress. You can get your initial website up in about 5 minutes, which often includes setting up the hosting account, depending on the provider. Of course, there’s the data integration, customization, branding, content creation, SEO and copywriting that needs to happen, in addition to all of the additional technologies you may want to integrate. But when you think about it, a simple website that’s ready for you to add content via a world-class CMS in about 5 minutes is astounding.

Content Creation

Adding valuable content to your site can help you provide the answers your customers are looking for and build trust with your audience—not to mention, a website without it has a hard time generating traffic. With WordPress, it’s incredibly simple to add content in the form of blog posts, pages, photos, listings, videos, music, etc. You name it, if it can be consumed on the Internet, you can add it to your WordPress site. The trick is to make your content engaging, relevant to your target audience, and optimized for your desired keywords. Do this consistently and you’ll develop inbound links, improving your organic search results like the pros do.


Speaking of improving search results, WordPress is ready to play nice with search engines right out of the box. Its setup helps guide search engines through the posts, pages and categories, making it easy for Google to crawl your website and collect information for its database. When it comes to blogging, WordPress can make you an SEO superstar with meta tags, customizable URL slugs, permalinks, trackbacks, pinging, and the blog roll—all designed to provide interactivity with other blogs (and their readers) and make your content accessible to search engines. Finally, there are plenty of highly-rated, third-party plugins, designed specifically for search engine optimization, which are either free or very low cost.

Managing Multiple Sites

Looking to expand? Easy. With WordPress Multi Site, you can expand your audience reach by maintaining multiple sites from a single administration panel. It’s great for anyone who runs more than one site or blog and would like the simplicity of logging in and administering them all from one place. This is especially helpful if these sites share content, templates, or plugins. One installation means less work and less time to create and manage related content and teams.

Just because WordPress is powerful doesn’t mean it should be intimidating. As you can see, WordPress makes it easy to build the website you want and get the results you need to grow your business. We think WordPress is the best CMS in the world, let us know your thoughts

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