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[Video] Marketing Academy Secrets: How to Create Blog Posts that Drive Engagement

By Seth Price

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In episode 19 of Marketing Academy Secrets, we reveal a “secret” formula for creating blog posts your audience will love.

Leveraging Listings

By now, most agents and brokers understand that you’ve got to create really compelling content that you consumers actually want to read. And one of the assets that you have at your disposal is listings. Most people don’t know how to take those listings and make them into something valuable that people want to read, use, and share.

The Secret Formula

We’ve studied the conversions of blog posts that are posted on Facebook, Google+, and on Twitter — the tweets that actually get a response and a retweet — and what we’ve found is that there’s a specific template that you can use especially when creating written posts about properties to get people to read them.

The Best “X” in “Y”

We’re calling this the “Best X in Y” format. And really it’s about lists. Consumers love lists. And this is an opportunity for you to showcase properties, inventory, and places in an easily digestible list that people can read, share, and take action upon.

Here’s an example: “The Best Historic Homes on the Market in the Back Bay of Boston.” It has your keywords in it, it has a list of properties that are on the market now, and it’s a post that you can create every two or three weeks. Here’s another example: “The Most Spectacular Homes in Boston.” That’s actually something that might get someone’s attention if they want to see the most beautiful or most expensive homes in the market. You can also go to the other extreme of the spectrum: “The Cheapest Houses in Boston.” That’s sort of interesting and it might pique someone’s curiosity. It’s a really simple post to create. You just do a search in your MLS, you make a list of those listings, and I’d probably pick around 10 listings that fit your theme. Then, you create a simple post with a lead-in, a little bit about each property, and images. Make sure you use an image for each property on your list that links back to your website – that’s super important.

Creating Calls-to-Action

The most crucial part of this besides the headline (the headline is key: that’s the call-to-action to get folks to read the post) is the call-to-action for what visitors should do after they read the post. Ideally, you want a call-to-action that has them reach out to you. It could be, “If you want to learn more about pricing your property in Boston, contact me: I’ve got a free report,” and then you send them to a landing page. You really want to think about the exchange of value. Folks are only going to click and give their email addresses if they feel like they’re going to get something valuable in exchange.

Have you created a “Best X in Y” post before? Have any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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