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Tools for Real Estate Video: The Accessories

By Colin Ryan


While Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy SIII may not be able to compete with your DSLR just yet, their blend of convenience and HD output is perfect for real estate professionals looking to shoot property videos on the fly. Plus, there are tons of accessories out there for boosting camera quality, improving stability, and producing cool effects.

Here are some of our favorites.
lens kit for the iphone


Photojojo Phone Lens Series ($49)

This lens kit works for just a bot any phone and includes a telephoto, fisheye, and wide-angle/macro lens as well as a set of adhesive removable metal rings. Secure the ring around your camera lens, then attach your lenses via magnets. Swap lenses out easily to give house hunters a full view of a room or a closer look at the fine details of an antique fireplace.

Olloclip ($70)

Unlike the Photojojo set, the Olloclip (pictured above) requires no adhesive, snapping easily onto the corner of your iPhone 4 or 5. The Olloclip also offers three lenses in one attachment: fisheye on one side, wide angle and macro on the other.

SLR Mount ($249)

If you’ve already got a DSLR camera, chances are you’re already using it to shoot your videos. Alternatively, you could turn your iPhone into a DSLR with this kit. Mount your Canon or Nikon DSLR lens on your iPhone 4 to supercharge your image quality and capture details you never thought possible.

tripod and stabilizer for your smartphone cameraMounts and Tripods

Studio Neat Glif ($20)

A simple but effective adapter that allows you to mount your iPhone on just about any standard tripod or other camera accessory. When you’re not using it as a mount, Glif also doubles as a kickstand for your phone.

Woxom SlingShot ($20)

Certainly the cheapest stabilizing solution around, the SlingShot (pictured above) has an innovative design that cradles your phone securely while minimizing excess weight. Use it with one hand or fold out the legs for an instant tripod. The SlingShot will hold everything from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy Note.

iStabilizer Monopod ($28)

A telescoping rod with stabilizing heft, the Monopod is great for low-to-the-floor and hard-to-reach angles. Turn the camera around to shoot yourself and your surroundings as you record a property tour.

Joby GripTight GorillaPod ($30)

A smartphone-specific version of the popular original, the GorillaPod (pictured) is a flexible but durable stand with tons of possibilities. Use as a standard tripod, wrap around a banister, or hang from a light fixture to get stable shots from unique angles.

Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee ($129)

Tiffen caters to working filmmakers and photographers, which means this steadicam meets the highest standards. The Smoothee’s counterweight allows even the shakiest hand to record extremely smooth, bounce-free video, and the professional grade construction is built to last.

great iphone camera accessory for real estate videosOther Accessories

Kogeto Dot ($49)

Use the Dot to shoot 360-degree panoramic video with your iPhone 4 or 5. You can put your phone in the middle of a room, hit record, then upload your “dotspot” video tour from the free app. Viewers can then swipe across their screen to swivel around, or view all 360 degrees at once in super widescreen.

iExpander Battery Case ($120)

Shooting video can drain your battery quickly. There are a few great battery cases out there, but we’re most excited about the forthcoming iExpander. Why? Because in addition to double the battery life, it also offers a microSD memory expansion slot and an improved flash—incredibly useful for memory-munching HD video and low-light images, respectively.

Swivl ($125)

This automated “personal cameraman” (pictured above) rotates 360 degrees and follows you wherever you go. The key is the included remote, which pairs with the Swivl and includes a wireless microphone. While the software isn’t Android-compatible, Swivl’s basic following capability will work with any device.

What other accessories have you used to take your smartphone real estate videos to the next level? Tell us in the comments!

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