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Real Estate Agent Essentials: How to Earn Repeat Business

Real Estate Agent Essentials: How to Earn Repeat Business

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Real Estate Agent Essentials: How to Earn Repeat Business

According to the J.D. Power 2014 Home Buyer/Seller Satisfaction Study, buyers and sellers who work with a particular agent or firm multiple times tend to favor that relationship more so than first-time buyers do. This is great news for real estate agents, but there’s one thing they need to ask themselves: “How can I get former clients to work with me again?” It’s great that repeat clients are happier with their representation — but what does it take to secure their business again?

Building relationships with your clients is an absolute must in today’s real estate industry (well, assuming you want to be a successful real estate agent, that is). The Internet makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with former buyers and sellers. But, you need to have the right connection with your past clients: Carefully nurture and maintain your relationship over the years so you stay top-of-mind when they decide to buy or sell again.

To help you do just that, check out some of our past in-depth Real Estate Marketing Academy posts.

Successful Real Estate Tips: How Agents Can Win Repeat Business

Real estate agents win repeat business

The extra mile: That’s how you separate yourself from the competition and remain in clients’ thoughts. Long after you help buyers purchase their dream home or sellers off-load their residence, you need to continually wow them with personal touches. Take these expert relationship tips to heart and you’ll increase your odds of turning old business into new business, or acquiring referrals and testimonials.

20 Memorable Ways to Show Real Estate Clients You Love Them

Memorable ways show real estate clients love

If the previous article shows how to go the extra mile, this article shows how to go the extra 10. Connecting with clients on a deeply personal level during the home purchase or sale process is one way to become memorable to them. Another (better) way is connecting with them constantly over the years. See how real estate agents delight their clients in unique ways — from pizza parties to personalized presents — to show them just how much they appreciate their business.

10 Steps to Being a Happy Real Estate Agent

real estate agent happiness tips advice

Customers gravitate toward professionals with bright, happy personalities and demeanors. Improving your disposition (even if it’s already pretty cheerful) never hurts. These 10 tips and tricks will teach you how to become a happier (and, in turn, more successful) real estate agent, and can help you when connecting with old clients. After all, what buyer wants a bummed-out agent helping with their home search? Earning repeat business requires a bright and sunny mood, so heed Marketing Manager Sandra Manzanares’ advice and put a smile on that face.

6 Reputation Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Real estate agent reputation mistakes

While you’re undoubtedly eager to connect with past clients via your real estate marketing and in-person visits, doing so requires having a delicate touch. Contacting former buyers and sellers too often or infrequently could end your chances of representing them again down the road. Editor Colin Ryan highlights things agents do that can diminish their reputations and, consequently, their chances of earning another commission check from Steve Seller or Betty Buyer.

Other Expert Resources to Check Out

There are many more professionals, bloggers, and experts who know the importance of repeat business to agents’ success in real estate. Here are some insightful articles that can help you build and maintain relationships with clients and improve your chances of earning their business once again:

Want to learn how to be a successful real estate agent? Consider hiring a real estate coach, who can teach you how to build relationships with clients and earn their business once again.


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