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Smart Marketing Investments with Stacie Staub

Smart Marketing Investments with Stacie Staub

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Smart Marketing Investments with Stacie Staub

Many of today’s real estate professionals are overwhelmed by digital marketing. And who can blame them? Most folks don’t get into real estate because they like running Facebook ads, doing SEO, or writing blog posts: they do it because they like selling homes and helping real people.

Like it or not, however, digital marketing has become a significant part of real estate professionals’ job — a fact that surprises many beginners. It’s no wonder, then, that 44 percent of new agents feel their pre-licensing training did not prepare them to be real estate practitioners.

Everything you create, use it again and again and again. And even if you’re out in your day-to-day busy life as a Realtor, you can always be creating content…I think a lot of agents miss that.


Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be this way, Denver agent Stacie Staub tells us. Stacie believes that with a marketing-minded brokerage behind you, and the right approach to creating content, you can effectively promote your business online and still have time to build real, lasting relationships with clients.

“There are some people that really like to create their own flyers and things like that,” Stacie told us. “But in the end, when they let the marketing department just really take control of that, they can spend a lot more of their time nurturing their relationships, and that’s what really pays off for them.”

An active Realtor with an MBA and a Master’s degree in Marketing, Stacie knows real estate from all angles. As Director of Marketing at Live Urban Real Estate in Denver, Colorado, Stacie has helped build a brokerage that’s not only super innovative, but also rated one of the best places to work in her city for three years running. Live Urban earned that rating, in part, by giving its agents the marketing support and education they need to succeed not just today, but also tomorrow.

“Even if you’re out in your day-to-day busy life as a Realtor, you can always be creating content,” Stacie told us. “If you’re out showing and you see something really interesting in a house, take a picture of it and post it on Instagram…Even if the client hates the house, [that post will] pay off for you for a really long time.”

In this interview, Stacie explains the benefits of a marketing-focused brokerage, the value of Pinterest for real estate, and why every blog post is a long-term investment in the future of your business.

- Matt & Seth

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