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The Most Beautiful WordPress Themes for Real Estate Websites: 2014 Edition

The Most Beautiful WordPress Themes for Real Estate Websites: 2014 Edition

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The Most Beautiful WordPress Themes for Real Estate Websites: 2014 Edition

Oh, WordPress. How you make website creation so easy. It’s little wonder why the platform has a 60% content management system market share. It understands that not every brand and professional has the know-how, resources, time, or money to develop original, custom websites.

Loads of quality plugins, an easy learning curve, constant updates and fixes, and plenty of support when needed make WordPress the prime tool for agents and brokers in this digital day and age. Another great feature of the site is its wide variety of unique, gorgeous themes that can be used for real estate websites.

With more than 2,500 free and premium themes, WordPress offers more than enough top-tier options for real estate pros to use for their sites. Sorting through this seemingly endless theme list, though, can be time-consuming … so leave it to us to alert you of the best and most beautiful themes out there you can use for your real estate website. Below we’ve highlighted 21 gorgeous themes (in no particular order):

21 Gorgeous WordPress Themes for Real Estate Websites

1)  Elegant Estate

Simple design with modest but effective color scheme and easy-to-navigate setup makes this theme a popular option for agents.

Elegant Estate WordPress website theme

2)  WP Estate

Minimalist design, an in-depth custom search feature for listings, and a unique mapping feature are the main highlights of this responsive theme.

WP Estate WordPress website theme

3)  Decorum

Layout and page template options abound with this fun theme, which also allows you to showcase listings in slideshow format on the homepage.

Decorum WordPress website theme

4)  Phoenix

Not only easy on the eyes, but also fully functional (sign-up form field, image slideshow, and much more) and optimized to help you get found online. (Note: This theme is published by Placester.)

Placester's Phoenix WordPress website theme

5)  Winning Agent

Clean-cut, modern design with HTML5 markup make for a sleek and chic option for agents wanting to focus on brand image.

Winning Agent WordPress website theme

6)  ListingPress

Theme allows for grid, map, and list options for viewing listings, along with numerous other user-friendly features and widgets.

ListingPress WordPress website theme

7)  Real Homes

Buyers get quite the view of available listings with this uber-modern theme that offers visitors all the pertinent listing and agent info without really having to scroll at all.

Real Homes WordPress website theme

8)  !LesPaul

Focused on SEO with your site? Want several widgets on it too? How about a stylish navigation bar? You get it all with this carefully constructed WordPress theme.

!LesPaul WordPress website theme

“The best sales questions have your expertise wrapped into them.”


9)  Fremont

Along with the ability to showcase featured listings front and center on the homepage, Fremont was built to engage visitors and make their UX top-notch. (Note: This theme is published by Placester.)

Placester's Fremont WordPress website theme

10)  Shandora

The interactive and creative nature of this bright and bold theme could leave prospective buyers on your site for hours.

Shandora WordPress website theme

11)  WP Casa

Custom editing with this theme is a cinch with this clean-cut, elegant theme, thanks to its simple drag-and-drop settings.

WP Casa WordPress website theme

12)  vEstate

Aside from the custom search options and ability to display numerous listings, this theme succeeds in large part due to its sleek design. The custom calls to action over the homepage images are certainly a plus too.

vEstate WordPress website theme

13)  Real Estate Pro

This image-heavy theme offers not only a polished layout, but it also allows agents to add unique assets to listings, like brochures, floor plans, and info on other property features.

Real Estate Pro WordPress website theme

14)  Plymouth

Easily identifiable social share buttons. Aesthetically appealing layout. Built-in IDX plugin. This theme offers all the finer details agents look for in websites. (Note: This theme is published by Placester.)

Placester's Plymouth WordPress website theme

15)  Realbroker

The white backdrop on the homepage essentially serves as a blank canvas, allowing real estate pros to fill in the numerous listings spots with featured and notable properties that catch the eye.

Realbroker WordPress website theme

16)  WP Pro Real Estate 3

Another gorgeous, map-oriented theme that allows agents to show off all business and listing info a neatly compact but straightforward layout.

WP Pro Real Estate WordPress website theme

“Vision without execution is just hallucination.”


17)  Properta

Available listings and property types are represented with icons, making this theme stand out visually.

Properta WordPress website theme

18)  Pure Paradise

Simplicity often trumps complexity in terms of website design. The clean white and gray backgrounds and slideshow transitions create a singular feel for this theme.

Pure Paradise WordPress website theme

19)  RealEstast

A major stand-out component of this contemporary theme is the trendy typeface, which oozes modernity.

RealEstast WordPress website theme

20)  Franklin

Not only an aesthetic dream, this theme also serves as an optimal setup for engaging with your audience, thanks to the ability to incorporate content on the homepage.

Placester's Franklin WordPress website theme

21) AFrame Realty

Responsive design, international translation, and a theme customizer that’ll populate your changes immediately all add up to one gorgeous theme and a very effective real estate website.

AFrame Realty WordPress theme

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What real estate WordPress themes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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