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5 Great Homepage Photo Tips to Engage Real Estate Website Visitors

5 Great Homepage Photo Tips to Engage Real Estate Website Visitors

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5 Great Homepage Photo Tips to Engage Real Estate Website Visitors

“Wow.” That’s what your real estate website visitors should say the second they land on your homepage. The best way to draw this reaction? Add alluring photos of listings, your market, past clients at their new residences, and anything else that is eye-catching.

Two-thirds of consumers say the quality of a product image is very important in their purchasing decisions. That means using an enticing photo of a beautiful listing or happy, smiling buyers standing next to their new dream home could land you innumerable real estate leads.

Below are five tips for your homepage photos that will keep visitors on your real estate website longer so they can become new contacts. We even included several homepage examples from other real estate agents to provide inspiration.

1)  Present your most amazing, jaw-dropping exteriors.

Here’s something your parents likely didn’t teach you growing up: It’s okay to brag. If you’re representing a gorgeous listing, flaunt it. Hire a professional photographer to produce high-quality exteriors. Of course, don’t forget proper staging. Dress up the properties with some lawn care and yard maintenance. Add some decor to the front door and plants to the walkway. In short, showcase homes for sale to make them appear beyond appealing, just like Mega Realty’s Main Line Real Estate Center and RE/MAX Realtor Jordan Cohen do with their homepages (the former of which is a Placester website):

Mega Realty Placester real estate website

Jordan Cohen real estate website

While some agents and firms like these stay on the ground for their real estate photography, others take to the air. Though the laws around drone use for real estate marketing are still a bit hazy, it’s true that drone photography and videography has become popular among agents. Take this shot from Realtor Mark Tyoran’s homepage, for instance, which showcases a beautiful Southern California property from directly above, thanks to the unmanned aerial device:

Mark Tyoran real estate website

2)  Highlight listing interiors that “wow” your visitors.

Another excellent way to pique real estate website visitors’ interest the moment they land on your homepage is to include photos of listings’ interiors. Take shots of a notable feature of the residence that home buyers tend to look for in your market. San Francisco-based Realtor Nina Hatvany expertly shows off both the interior and exterior of one of her luxury real estate listings. The angle of this particular shot below allows for a wide view of the entire living room area, including knickknacks on the shelves, the comfortable seating arrangement, the marble fireplace, and — arguably the biggest attraction of all — the balcony overlooking the entire city of San Fran:

Nina Hatvany real estate website

Craig Morris, Co-Owner of Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s International Realty, also used this real estate photography tactic of “looking out” from a unique vantage point, highlighting the backyard of one of his listings. While many real estate photographers will tell you to take photos in the late morning/early afternoon when the sun is brightest, Morris sets a relaxing mood with shots like these that showcase the sunrise, and the amenities that owners of this residence will experience:

Craig Morris real estate website

3)  Exhibit breathtaking views of listings’ surroundings and the local market.

Buyers in any market don’t base their purchase decisions solely on a home’s price, features, or size. They also factor in school districts, the local job market, attractions nearby — the latter of which you can show off on your real estate website homepage. Think of any major selling points in your market that appeal to your core audience. This could be a great park, fancy restaurants, or, in the case of Pacific Union Christie’s International Real Estate Senior Broker Associate Steve Gothelf’s homepage, the stunning water and cityscape surrounding his high-end San Fran listings:

Steve Gothelf real estate website

Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to just one photo of your local market. If there are multiple aspects of your community you want to display on your homepage, create an eye-catching collage, like Christian Angle, President and Broker Christian Angle Real Estate, does for his firm’s real estate website. Not only does he boast the Palm Beach mansions his agency sells, but also what comes with owning said mansion: the oceanfront lifestyle, where boating plays a big role in locals’ lives:

Christian Angle real estate website

4)  Provide social proof of your sales history and client experiences.

Not all website visitors will be floored solely by gorgeous properties. In fact, most buyers searching for homes online want social proof. They want to know just how good a real estate agent you are: how many deals you’ve closed, how long you’ve been an agent, and how your clients feel about working with you. Sotheby’s International Realty Upper East Side Brokerage Senior Global Real Estate Advisor and Associate Broker Stan Ponte understands this, as he provides testimonials over his striking New York City listing photos:

Stan Ponte real estate website

Don’t hesitate to show off your hard work either. Showcasing homes you closed, along with their respective details like pricing and location, is another top-notch way to show social proof. Rodeo Realty Realtor Ben Bacal prominently reveals high-end deals he’s closed in the Los Angeles area on his real estate website:

Ben Bacal real estate website

5)  Use multiple stunning photos in a scrolling slideshow.

Okay, this isn’t a specific photo idea for your real estate website’s homepage, but it’s an effective strategy agents all over (including many of the ones listed above) have used more and more frequently in recent years. Many real estate website themes have plug-ins that allow agents to showcase several photos on their homepage, meaning you have the opportunity to provide your audience a glimpse of your real estate market, your specific listings, and your former clients all at once.

Pardee Properties’ homepage offers the whole shebang: scrolling photos of their listings (inside and out), social proof that shows their success in selling homes, information about their charitable endeavors (which can be a big plus in the eyes of many buyers), and easy-to-find contact details and navigation:

Check out How to Get the Best Photos for Your Real Estate Website to secure great images for your homepage.

What kinds of photos do you like to display on your real estate website homepage? Share your preferences with us below!


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