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How to Become a Real Estate Marketing Superstar

How to Become a Real Estate Marketing Superstar

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How to Become a Real Estate Marketing Superstar

You have to learn to walk before you can run: Nothing could be truer when it comes to your real estate marketing strategy. Once you nail down the marketing basics, though, you can take a more advanced approach to take your digital presence and lead generation to the next level.

In “Become a Real Estate Marketing Superstar,” we lay out a clear plan for you to elevate your marketing game to the likes of the industry’s most well-known, top-producing pros — ones who continually build upon their branding and bottom lines with increasingly savvy marketing plans.

Emulate some of the top producers to become a more successful real estate agent.

Placester real estate marketing ebook

Who better to learn the top real estate marketing secrets to success from than … well … successful real estate agents and brokers. We feature a dozen industry pros throughout our ebook and provide ample evidence and context regarding their online strategies and how you can apply their methodologies and philosophies in your own digital plans.

For instance, we showcased Windermere Real Estate Partners’ Marguerite Giguere — whom we’ve interviewed on our Marketing Genius Podcast — to offer agents insights into her promotional approach. As you’ll find out in the ebook, Giguere is quite the accomplished sales rep, with a history of highlighting her local market, premier listings, and satisfied clients on video, and using those recordings to generate leads and improve brand awareness.

Of course, Giguere is just one of many esteemed agents we spotlight. You’ll get a glimpse into several other industry members make the most of their real estate marketing and advance their careers with savvy digital activities in our ebook.

Evaluate your past real estate marketing, present ad spend, and future tactical options.

Placester real estate marketing ebook

Developing thorough business and marketing plans is something just about every professional in seemingly every field has to do from time to time. Suffice to say, the importance of such planning for real estate agents is immeasurable.

In the ebook, we dive into the intricacies that go into setting up (or revising) a comprehensive real estate business plan for one’s agency that outlines your value prop, mission, and short- and long-term goals.

What’s more is we provide details on how to craft an exhaustive real estate marketing plan as well — one that outlines marketing successes an failures from previous months, how to enhance one’s digital strategy, and specific aspirations for the months ahead (e.g. “Try X strategy for a whole month,” “Implement lead capture on my IDX website and aim to generate Y leads”).

Once you’re done reading our real estate marketing ebook, you’ll have a clear notion of where to take your marketing, which old tactics to eliminate from your strategy, which new techniques to try, and — at the end of the day — how you can fortify your digital presence and advance your online lead generation strategy.

Expand upon your digital marketing foundation with lots of engaging real estate website content.

Placester real estate marketing ebook

Numbers don’t lie. Look at any marketing reports, studies, polls, and surveys from the likes of the Content Marketing Institute, Nielsen, and other respected marketing-oriented entities, and you’ll see exactly which marketing tasks and approaches you ought to implement ASAP.

If you want to view several other statistics and trends that can affect your real estate marketing plan for the better, head to our SlideShare featuring dozens of the latest marketing figures from countless revered organizations.

Elevate your online effectiveness with help from the real estate marketing experts.

Placester real estate marketing ebook

When push comes to shove and you’re in strong need of marketing assistance, it’s important to realize you don’t have to do it all on your own. In fact, there are a number of avenues you can take to augment and automate many of your online activities: everything from blogging and social media posting to monitoring brand mentions and analytics.

One of the premier choices to aid your marketing strategy mentioned in our ebook is to work with a real estate marketing services provider (hint: we know of a really great one).

Getting counsel and hands-on help from experts who know a thing or two about how to build and grow an online strategy and earn high-quality real estate leads online is an excellent option when you just don’t have the time to take on some (or even most) of your marketing tasks.

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