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15 Real Estate Facebook Lead Gen Ideas for Agents [Ebook]

15 Real Estate Facebook Lead Gen Ideas for Agents [Ebook]

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15 Real Estate Facebook Lead Gen Ideas for Agents [Ebook]

Using Facebook for real estate isn’t just an optional marketing tactic. It’s just as important as optimizing your IDX website, sending email campaigns, and other regularly conducted activities for your agency. Facebook is a unique channel agents can use to connect with their fans, followers, and general audiences in a way that few other mediums offer.

After you set up your Business Page, it’s time to step up your Facebook real estate marketing game — something our ebook can help with.

Download your free copy of our guide for agents that shares how to enhance your Facebook for real estate strategy to earn more leads from the platform. Continue on in this post to get a glimpse of additional marketing activities that can improve your odds of obtaining new prospects from the much-beloved social network.

Take stock of your real estate content — and start scheduling shares of it on Facebook.

Content marketing is a never-ending marketing activity: That may sound disheartening to some agents, but when you have a firm content creation strategy in place to create blog posts, craft new site pages, and research SEO keywords for those digital assets — it’s not nearly as difficult as it may seem.

One often overlooked component of content marketing for real estate pros is social media — and more specifically, how Facebook can help amplify the reach of your content. Turn your content into multiple pieces you can share and reshare on the social network over the long haul so you have a consistent presence on Facebook. Once this content is automated, you can focus weekly on sharing your latest listings, other notable homes for sale nearby, offer up some brand updates, promote local community events, and generally engage with your audience.

Plan out your listing marketing for Facebook: from page optimization to multimedia creation.

Speaking of your listings, consider these your real estate marketing bread and butter, so to speak. Sharing homes for sale in your market engages your followers and fans on Facebook. By showcasing your listings in different ways — with attractive photos, videos, 3D tours, links to dedicated blog pages, and other content associated with them, you can significantly improve the number of views and clicks on your Facebook Status Updates and, in turn, get more digital word of mouth from locals in your market and aspiring buyers intending to move there.

Make sure the right people see your targeted ads, not just random users.

It’s well and good to garner a few hundred fans of your Business Page in the first few months of your real estate Facebook marketing … but if few (or, worse, none) of these folks are actual potential leads you can earn via your website or some other lead gen capabilities that Facebook offers, you need to rethink and readjust your promotional efforts on the social channel.

Once you’ve audited the content to ensure it’s as relevant as possible for your particular buyer persona, take to Facebook advertising to set targeted ads directly to the specific demographic you want to reach. The targeting criteria you can set for Facebook ads are seemingly endless, so just take the time to pick the core attributes you need to select for your ads so they get in front of the right people.

Offer popular community events and the latest goings-on in your Facebook posts.

Oddly enough, one of the most beneficial real estate social media marketing activities you can conduct on Facebook is … not promoting your brand. Hear us out: This may sound counterintuitive to the whole “I want to get more fans and leads from Facebook” concept, but agents and brokers all over have built their brands by simply sharing essential info about their communities and providing in-depth details on the local area — not just constantly showing their own businesses and listings.

So, find out what events take place regularly in your market, see who’s worth interviewing to dispense interesting valuable, local insights, and think of other tidbits about your community prospective buyers are dying to know. Then, turn that info into viable content for your site you can share on Facebook. This is how you earn the trust of Facebook users you want to transform into leads and eventually get them routinely checking out your IDX site.

Take your real estate Facebook marketing to the next level by getting our in-depth ebook for agents and brokers today.

What are your top Facebook marketing tips for real estate? Share your favorites with us below!


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