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Real Estate Conference Calendar: 2015 Edition

Real Estate Conference Calendar: 2015 Edition

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Real Estate Conference Calendar: 2015 Edition

Hundreds of real estate conferences, forums, seminars, and other events take place nationwide each year — some dedicated to niche markets and regions, and others open to agents and brokers across the country. Regardless of the scope of each event, they all aim to achieve the same goal: to inform, educate, and enlighten agents and brokers so they can take their marketing, sales, and businesses to the next level. Below are several of 2015’s core real estate conferences and similar gatherings you should add to your calendar.

(Note: This article doesn’t list every major real estate conference taking place this year. If you know of other intriguing and informative events you think agents and brokers would be wise to attend, list them in the comments at the end of the post.)

CRS Sell-a-bration 2015: February 1617, 2015 in Las Vegas

Whether or not you’ve earned a certification as a member of the Council of Residential Specialists, an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors, you can learn a great deal by attending CRS’ big 2015 event. Hundreds of Realtors will attend this year’s iteration, where they’ll gain new expertise in the art of real estate marketing, including maximizing their referral networks and leveraging educational opportunities to advance their careers. In addition to the actual conference, there’s a pre-conference course on team-building. So if you run an agency, consider taking in the lessons and wisdom from some of the industry’s top performing agents.

Notable Speakers

  • RealSure, Inc. Managing Partner Stefan Swanepoel
  • Financial speaker Chris Bird
  • Motivational speaker Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Featured Sessions

  • “Getting Things Done: Fitting 60 Hours of Work into a 40 Hour Week”
  • “Getting Results with Social Media in 2015 and Beyond”
  • “Put Your Best Foot Forward: Stepping up to Quality Online Customer Service”

Century 21 Global Conference: February 2225, 2015 in Washington, D.C.

Gaining insights into emerging real estate technologies, meeting with countless peers, and finding out new ways to close deals and increase revenue are the primary takeaways Century 21 wants attendees of its C21 Global Conference to come away with. Join the substantial crowd of agents set to travel to the nation’s capital and you’ll have the opportunity to take part in in-depth general sessions covering an array of real estate topics and visit the event’s expo, which will feature different industry vendors.

Notable Speakers

  • The Mike Ferry Organization Founder Mike Ferry
  • National Association of Realtors Global Marketing & Communications Manager Cindy Fauth
  • Jared James Enterprises CEO and Founder Jared James

Featured Sessions

  • “Evolutionary Service: Transform the Client Experience from Ordinary to Legendary”
  • “Mastering Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Past Client Follow-Up”
  • “Growing Your Business Through Staffing: An Agent’s Perspective”

4th Annual Real Estate Weekly Women’s Forum: February 25, 2015 in New York City

Nearly two-thirds of all Realtors nationwide are women, so it should come as little surprise there’s an event (and an excellent one, at that) dedicated to providing women in real estate the chance to converse with like-minded professionals to discuss their careers. The theme for this year’s forum from Real Estate Weekly is “Women Helping Women” and will feature a few dozen of the biggest and brightest female entrepreneurs and executives in the sales, development, investment, and technology sectors. Lots of informative sessions (ranging from choosing a mentor to a focus on the market’s future) and speakers are jam-packed into this esteemed one-day event.

Notable Speakers

  • Stonehenge Management Director of Residential Leasing Jodi Berman
  • NYC Department of Buildings Chief Sustainability Officer Gina Bocra
  • TOWN Residential Managing Director Juliet Clapp

Featured Sessions

  • “Five Things To Do To Command the Seat at the Head of the Table”
  • “On-The-Cusp: Technological Innovators in Real Estate”
  • “Coming Together: Making Connections Across the Real Estate Industry”
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RE/MAX R4 Convention: March 25, 2015 in Las Vegas

Sin City is quite the hot spot when it comes to real estate events in 2015. Another real estate conference taking place there this year is RE/MAX’s annual convention, which will host several distinct sessions, like a global networking event, speakers from various real estate and general business backgrounds, and a speech on leadership by NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. Attendees will also get a glimpse into roughly 120 different companies’ products and services, many of which will be on sale.

Notable Speakers

  • Author Mitch Albom
  • Kevin Carroll Katalyst Founder Kevin Carroll
  • Success Magazine Founding Director Darren Hardy

Featured Sessions

  • “Build a Profitable Office”
  • “Tech Essentials Workshop: Marketing, Video and Social”
  • “Build a Profitable Region”

Fusion 2015: March 2224, 2015 in Las Vegas

For those working under the Better Homes and Garden Real Estate umbrella is the much-anticipated Fusion conference. Speakers will include both those from BH&G RE, including company president Sherry Chris, as well as leaders of real estate tech firms, marketing consultants, and industry coaches. Agents in attendance will get industry updates, branding advice, and training to improve their real estate knowledge. Moreover, agents can ask lingering questions about how to better their businesses in a variety of small panel sessions.

Notable Speakers

  • Real Satisfied President Jeff Turner
  • GoConnect Founder Zach Schabot
  • Robertson Coaching International Founder Travis Robertson

Featured Sessions

  • “Innovation & Culture: Breaking Down Buzz Words”
  • “Building ‘Ships in a Millennial World”
  • “Social Media Marketing in the Real Estate Vertical”

T3 Summit: April 810, 2015 in Las Vegas

Sensing a theme for where the most popular real estate conference locale is this year? This near-exclusive event will bring together quite the list of top real estate executives from around the U.S., where they’ll partake in a think-tank atmosphere to learn how to advance their brokerages and businesses in 2015 and beyond. On top of host Stefan Swanepoel speaking at the event, Keller Williams CEO Mark Willis and Coldwell Banker CEO Budge Huskey will take the stage and share their two cents on the state of the industry, among other thoughts.

Notable Speakers

  • HomeServices of America President Bob Moline
  • Royal LePage CEO Phil Soper
  • Keller Williams Realty CEO Mark Willis

2015 AREAA Global & Luxury Summit: April 1921, 2015 in Chicago

For luxury agents and brokers closing thousands of sales annually, the Global & Luxury Summit offers key insights on how to tap into the international market and potentially identify new audiences. Properties in the U.S. are a hot commodity among the international community this year, so if you want to get a leg up on stateside competition and close deals from an untapped demographic, this conference is for you. Everything from staging high-end properties to leveraging new technology to promoting luxury homes will be discussed at the three-day conference.

Notable Speakers

  • AREAA Chairwoman Carmen Chong
  • Signature Real Estate Group Corporate Broker Vandana Bhalla
  • Entrepreneur Bill Rancic

Featured Sessions

  • “Leading Cities for International Buyers in the U.S.”
  • “Leveraging Technology to Support Global Real Estate”
  • “Relocation Opportunities for Global Businesses”

The Real Hustle Conference: April 27, 2015 in Denver

Though taking place over the course of just six hours, the Live Urban Real Estate team assures its one-day conference features the best components of other agent events where they get to interface in small groups and share wisdom among one another. Advice on how to communicate better with clients, get a real estate blogging and social media strategy off the ground, take advantage of video marketing, and use analytics to inform a marketing strategy are just some of the main topics planned for discussion for what will surely be a vibrant gathering of real estate minds.

Goodfellow Coaching and Consulting Millionaire Team Summit: July 28-30, 2015 in Toronto

Becoming a top producer and developing a team of top producers takes the right mix of talent and vision — the latter of which high-earning agents and brokers can bolster by heading to esteemed conferences such as this one. The firm has helped 600+ firms improve streamline their marketing, sales, and general business processes, and this event should prove no different. From recruiting and retention tips, to advice on organizational best practices, attendees of this Goodfellow conference (and its other three in 2015) can certainly glean new insights that can take their “games” to the next level.

Real Estate Connect SF 2015: August 47, 2015 in San Francisco

Each Real Estate Connect seems to get better and better: more great real estate startups join in, and new and interesting topics are covered with every passing event — and this summer’s iteration of the real estate conference should be no different than past ones. Any agent or broker who’s attended a Real Estate Connect in the past will assuredly tell you it provides business inspiration, allows for endless networking opportunities, informs on countless new products, services, and apps, and even leads to new business ventures and partnerships. This is one of the truly can’t-miss events on this list.

Real Estate Success Rocks: September 2529, 2015 in Seattle

Up in the northwest is this relatively new event from the organization Real Estate Vision, founded by real estate broker and speaker Patrick Lilly. The goal of the group is to bring together the best of the best agents nationwide to learn from one another — both in regard to business and life in general. The conference focuses on helping agents to better their bottom lines and others’ lives through giving back to their communities. So if you’re looking to improve your real estate marketing and sales efforts while also finding ways to use your time, energy, and money to better your community, head to Seattle this September.

Realtors Conference & Expo: November 1316, 2015 in San Diego

The one real estate conference to rule them all, NAR Annual is a behemoth of an event, as it hosts roughly 20,000 real estate industry folks each year. There is no one highlight of NAR’s mega-conference. Rather, it features several educational, entertaining, and enlightening components: helping out Habitats for Humanity, the Trade & Expo, dozens of in-depth sessions with agents, brokers, vendors, and other professionals, and more. You’ll be hard-pressed not to find something to do or learn at any juncture of the event. The fact that this year’s version takes place in sunny San Diego is just icing on the cake.

Looking for other real estate seminars and events to attend? In this Academy post, we highlight several others that take place annually.

What other real estate industry conferences are you looking forward to in 2015? Share them with us in the comments below!


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