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The Real Estate Closing Gifts Guide: What to Get Your Clients

The Real Estate Closing Gifts Guide: What to Get Your Clients

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The Real Estate Closing Gifts Guide: What to Get Your Clients

Sure, real estate closing gifts are a way to celebrate success with your clients. But they also serve two important functions:

  • Providing additional value to their life
  • Reminding them of the great work you did in helping their home purchase or sale

Spending a little time and money finding the right real estate closing gift can lead to satisfied clients who leave reviews for you online — and hire your agency down the line.

Below, you’ll find several ideas for goodies to get your clients right after they sign on the dotted line. (Download our free real estate closing gift guide for a lot more!).

The perfect real estate closing gift is thoughtful and personalized.

Think of the types of presents you give your friends and family for their birthdays and around the holidays. They’re usually ones you know they’ll find useful or heartfelt.

You may not become best friends with clients during the buying or selling process (not all agents do). But you should get to know them well enough to understand their hobbies or interests. Building a relationship is great for business — but it also helps you gather info you can use when picking a present.

For instance, if your buyer client notes the property they purchased is the first they’ve ever had with a pool, consider getting them an entire set of things they’ll need to enjoy it:

  • Chlorine, chlorine stabilizer, and water-testing kits
  • A pool skimmer and vacuum for routine cleaning
  • Pool floats and chairs for guests
  • A grill set to enjoy next to the pool

These may not be the “sexiest” of presents to provide your clients. But these are the types of thoughtful gifts that can lead to a long-term relationship (and perhaps some pool invites).

Going above and beyond the call of duty as an agent to make your clients as happy as possible in their new residence can really differentiate your firm from others nearby.

All it takes is some attention to detail and listening. You never know when a client will reveal info like this that can inspire your real estate closing gifts, so keep your ears open.

You can’t go wrong with gift cards to local restaurants, shops, and theaters.

While you can definitely win lots of bonus points with your clients by going with the attentive approach outlined above, you can always make their day with gift cards as well.

An ideal gift card to get clients is one for their favorite restaurant — if they have one, that is. If they’re new to the area, that’s where your local expertise comes into play.

Find out what kinds of cuisine they most enjoy. Then, identify a few places in your market you think they’ll like, and get them gift cards to each one. This gives your clients a chance to explore their new neighborhood and save some dough while doing so.

Then, there’s retail therapy. Whether it’s for a big-box store, a chain furniture supplier, or a boutique shop, a gift card for one of these places can help your clients furnish their new home.

Knowing their design preferences is helpful when securing a gift certificate to one of these stores, but once you know their style sense, you can select accordingly.

Don’t forget the entertainment! Some communities have large, franchised movie theaters that play today’s blockbusters. Others have indie theaters that regularly show old movies.

Understand the kind of cinema (or stage theater, if they’re into that instead) your clients enjoy. Then, get them free passes to check out a film or play nearby after moving day — a time when they’ll want (and need) to de-stress.

If all else fails, you can always invite them to a nice dinner, spend a fun day shopping with them, or take them to a movie yourself.

Download our real estate closing gifts guide below for more ideas:

real estate closing gifts

Take your clients’ hobbies and passions into account when making or buying them closing gifts.

Everybody has that one activity they can’t live without. For some, it’s gardening and landscaping. For others, it’s traveling and sightseeing.

Odds are, your client has a hobby they greatly enjoy. So, figure out what that hobby is, and develop some gift ideas around it:

  • Does your latest client regularly take part in 5Ks and fun runs? Get them a Fitbit or similar run-tracking device.
  • Does another client love to go to rock shows? Buy them an all-access, VIP pass to the next major music festival to come around.
  • What about clients who are into decor? Set them up with a a professional interior decorator consultation.

Taking a personal interest in your clients’ interests can help you during your time representing them and post-closing.

Go big or go home: Sometimes the best real estate closing gifts are the grandest ones.

All of the real estate closing gift ideas mentioned thus far are ones that won’t put too much of a dent in your commission.

If you are in a position to spend extravagantly on clients though — we’re looking at you, top producers — then this is a unique opportunity to really wow your clients.

There have been some pretty outstanding examples over the years of real estate professionals going the extra mile for their clients, and it’s inspiring to see such enthusiasm.

With that in mind, here are tips for making an even greater impact on the lives of your clients after the transaction is complete:

  • Think your seller clients could use some R&R after their home sale? Get them a one-day or weekend-long spa vacation where they can get massages, hit the saunas, and just plain relax.
  • Do your newest home buyers need to fill their backyard with some furniture? Get them some patio chairs or loungers they can use to entertain their friends and family.
  • Do your latest buyer clients have young kids? Buy them a modest-sized playground set and accompanying toys to help them make the most of their new property.

The old adage “You have to spend money to make money” really is the perfect one to describe how you can earn repeat business from clients down the line.

Include these types of grand real estate closing gifts in your end-of-transaction marketing strategy, and you’ll reap these rewards:

  • Seeing clients come back to your agency the next time they need to buy or sell
  • Getting glowing referrals from clients who had a wonderful experience working with you

BONUS: Here are some top gifts to get clients one year after their home purchase.

Gifts for closing day are certainly memorable. What can show you really care about clients is remembering the one-year anniversary of their sale or purchase and getting them yet another present as a congrats.

The same gifts above can certainly apply 12 months later. There are several other unique options, though:

  • The first year in a new home likely gave your clients lots of new memories. So, grab one or more photos from their Facebook page and frame them.
  • Similarly, you could grab those photos and have a professional or freelance video editor compile them into a mini-movie, complete with background music and text overlays.
  • Hosting a party for multiple clients roughly one year after each bought or sold their home with help from you can make for a celebratory occasion.

Going the extra mile at closing will leave a lasting impression that can pay dividends down the line.

Discover additional real estate closing gift ideas in our special guide for agents:

real estate closing gifts

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