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Real Estate Brand Positioning with Kim Spears

Real Estate Brand Positioning with Kim Spears

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Real Estate Brand Positioning with Kim Spears

A great real estate brand isn’t just about knowing your market, or having a great logo: it’s about sending a clear message about what makes you different. Brand positioning, a marketing strategy designed to help your brand occupy a distinct position relative to competing brands, will allow you to stand out in a crowded market.

Most real estate agents focus on the differentiation part of brand positioning—but equally important is consistency across all the places where a prospective client might find you. Studies have shown that it takes 5-7 encounters for consumers to remember your brand, and 90 percent of consumers expect brand consistency across all channels.

Kim Spears, runner-up contestant in our Battle of the Brands Competition, has taken these findings to heart. Her website, (powered by Placester and with a custom design from Brandco), is our runner-up in Placester’s Battle of the Brands. Kim presents a unified vision of her brand and her position in the market, both within her site and beyond.

On-Site Consistency

Kim’s masterclass in brand consistency begins with the header on her website’s homepage. With a unique design that puts Kim’s menu “below the fold,” Kim’s header focuses visitors’ attention on a slideshow of high-quality images with “Vero Beach” written in bold, Vogue-style type. These images highlight Vero Beach’s luxury lifestyle and Kim herself, encouraging prospective clients to associate her with the kinds of homes they’re looking for.

While her header clearly evokes the types of homes, service, and clientele that make up Kim’s business, the rest of her site goes on to deepen and reinforce that message:

  • A domain name that suggests Kim’s luxury focus;
  • Large CTA tiles invite visitors to learn more about waterfront properties and seller services;
  • Area pages focused on specific neighborhoods of Vero Beach;
  • An informative About page includes a professional headshot and tells a personal story that emphasizes Kim’s native Florida roots as well as her passion for helping her clients.

Off-Site Consistency

Kim maintains the same brand positioning and aesthetic across every other channel of her online presence. For instance, apart from, Kim also has separate websites for her interior design business ( and her brokerage ( Those websites maintain the same look, feel, and message, ensuring that visitors know exactly who they’re dealing with, regardless of how they find her.

Apart from her website, Kim also extends her brand to social media, with Facebook and Instagram pages featuring content that sends the same message about Kim and her business. In addition to maintaining her brand, these channels also sell her expertise with Vero Beach related content and before-and-after photos of spaces she’s designed.

To learn more about Kim Spears and her website, check out the recording above of our Facebook Live presentation during NAR Annual 2018!

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