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Nurture Con Recap: Real Estate Marketing Secrets & Strategies

Nurture Con Recap: Real Estate Marketing Secrets & Strategies

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Nurture Con Recap: Real Estate Marketing Secrets & Strategies

This year, we launched Nurture Con – a first of its kind virtual conference, taking agents behind the scenes with 35+ world-class real estate experts.

Did you miss the opportunity to learn their secrets and accelerate your own business with their real estate marketing advice?

Below is a collection of helpful tips shared by groundbreaking agents and experts, including Katie Lance, Jonathan Greene and Peter Lorimer:

Melanie Piche Shares How To Drive Leads With Your Blog

Melania Piche quote - nurture con recap

For many agents, updating a blog may not be on the top of the real estate marketing priority list. However, as Melanie Piche of The BREL Team shared during Nurture Con, your blog is a lifeline for generating new, qualified leads.

How can you get in the habit of frequently posting on your blog — and most importantly, what should you blog about?

Here’s what Melanie recommends:

  • Keep a collection of blog post ideas that you add to whenever you’re inspired. That way, when it comes time to write, you’ll have plenty of topics to choose from.
  • Write down questions that clients and prospects often ask. Other home buyers and sellers are likely also curious about those topics, and will want to read about them on your blog.  Dedicate a post to answering each of those questions.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to set aside time to go on a writing blitz and compose several blog posts at once in order to get them out of the way.
  • Consider who you’re writing your blog post for, and also think about their needs and what they would find interesting. For example, Melanie knows that many clients she has worked with are out-of-towners looking to buy a home in Toronto. So Melanie writes posts that introduce them to different neighborhoods in the city, and she explains why she thinks Toronto is such a great place to live.
  • It’s okay to write blog posts that include your personal opinion or have a conversational tone!
  • Your blog posts don’t need to be extremely long. However, if you cover topics that you’re passionate about then you can easily write lengthier posts without it feeling like a chore.
  • Writing a blog is worth it, even if the process can be time-consuming. Melanie calls her blog a “24/7 lead generating strategy” because it can attract clients outside of normal business hours. Because her blog heavily contributes to lead generation, her agents can focus on sales instead of constantly prospecting.

Jonathan Greene Explains How To Make Your CRM Work For You

Jonathan Greene quote - Nurture Con Recap

For Jonathan Greene of Gosselin & Greene, organization is a key part of converting leads into paying clients. During Nurture Con, Jonathan shared the real estate marketing tricks he uses to take his CRM to the next level.

Here’s how you can use a CRM organizational system the way Jonathan does to close deals:

  • Tag leads in your CRM system based on the towns where they’re exploring properties or where they’re looking to sell.
  • Create a scale to distinguish a lead’s interest level and likelihood of becoming a client. Also indicate if they’re looking to make a move immediately or if you have a few months to nurture that lead. This way, you’ll know which leads are most deserving of your attention immediately and which leads should receive a more aggressive pitch.
  • Use email drip campaigns to stay in touch with long term leads who won’t be buying or selling a home within the next three months. Segment this group so you can address them based on their specific needs. By doing this, you’ll avoid making mistakes such as sending interested homebuyers listings that aren’t in their price range.
  • Pay attention to your clients. Remembering small details, such as the names of their children, can make all the difference when they’re ready to choose an agent.
  • Care about the relationship, not the sale. If you only care about the sale, and not your actual clients, they will be able to tell. Leaving them with a bad taste in their mouth will prevent them from referring you in the future.

Sara MacLennan Teaches How To Become An SEO Marketing Master

Sara MacLennan quote - Nurture Con Recap

As the co-founder of Liv Real Estate, Sara MacLennan has had plenty of experience marketing both her company and herself.

Because getting in front of prospective clients is a full-time job, the following real estate marketing strategies have helped Sara not just dominate search listings, but also attract and close deals.

Here’s what she recommends for improving your search engine optimization (SEO):

  • Your marketing shouldn’t be all about selling yourself; it should focus on the needs of the people you’re trying to work with.
  • Sara was able to make her website appear on Page 1 of Google search results by dedicating large parts of her website to community-based content that is frequently updated.
  • Have a website that focuses on your community and features local news, activities and events. Also try to include many visual elements that capture the culture of the area, such as photos and video.
  • Don’t try to focus on massive regions, such as large metropolitan cities. Instead, specialize in one neighborhood and represent it very well. If that strategy works, you can expand your reach from there.
  • Only make an effort to pursue leads who have directly reached out to you or have expressly indicated that they’re interested in buying or selling a home.

Peter Lorimer Guides Realtors Through The Potential Of Video Marketing

Peter Lorimer quote - Nurture Con Recap

With a background in the entertainment industry, Peter Lorimer knows a thing or two about making a splash and getting people talking.

And as the CEO of PLG Estates, Peter is constantly thinking about ways to attract leads with interesting real estate marketing content, especially video.

Here’s what Peter recommends to agents who are looking to harness the potential of video marketing:

  • Take a creative approach to video marketing. While video is great for things like showing off new listings, you can also attract leads by thinking outside of the box. Watch video experts in other fields, such as Casey Neistat and Gary Vaynerchuk, and use their work as inspiration to take your own videos in a different direction.
  • There’s nothing wrong with repurposing old content. If you have a particularly popular blog post, for example, you can translate that same theme into a video.
  • Don’t be afraid to stray outside of real estate topics. Peter says some of his most popular videos feature his family or cool things to do around his town.
  • Incorporate activities that you’re passionate about. For example, if you’re a foodie in your free time, then maybe showcase your favorite local restaurants.
  • Peter was able to feature his camera-shy coworkers in his videos by creating a segment where he interviews them. This is an easy strategy to ease others into your video projects and get them some screen time.
  • Before putting money behind his videos to run them as Facebook ads, Peter will post his videos organically and measure their performance. That way he knows which ones are audience favorites — and therefore worthy of his ad budget.
  • Start exploring digital video right away, because it’s still very new in the real estate marketing world. Even if you’re a video beginner now, by getting familiar with it you’ll be miles ahead of your competitors when they migrate to video marketing months or years down the line.

Katie Lance Reveals The Tricks Behind Next-Level Social Media Marketing

Katie Lance quote - Nurture Con Recap

Katie Lance spends her days consulting with real estate experts on ways that they can form stronger connections between their brand and social media audiences.

Here’s what Katie regularly tells her clients who are looking to advance their social media and real estate marketing skills:

  • You don’t need to be present on every single social media channel. Pick one or two that most appeal to you, then immerse yourself in them and learn how to master those channels as best you can.
  • When you first start out exploring social media, set rules and guidelines for yourself on how you will use each platform, such as how often you will post on each channel. This will make it a lot easier to create content for those channels in the future.
  • Many social media platforms offer the ability to create lists of your connections. Organize your contacts into these lists so you can share relevant content with the right audiences.
  • If you’re creating videos to share on social media, don’t write out a script to read while on screen. Instead, have a list of bullet points handy so you can refer to them while you speak naturally and conversationally.
  • All of your posts should include a call-to-action (CTA) asking your audience to do something. Your CTA can be as small and as simple as asking readers to leave a comment, share your post, or visit your website.
  • Look at your life as content for social media. Things that you find beautiful or make you laugh will likely also be appreciated by your audience.

Looking for even more real estate marketing tricks from Nurture Con’s many experts? Access more Nurture Con content here!

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