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40 Tips to Take Your Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level [Free Ebook]

40 Tips to Take Your Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level [Free Ebook]

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40 Tips to Take Your Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level [Free Ebook]

Our Marketing Genius Podcast launched in early 2016, and since the very first episode, we’ve heard some of the real estate industry’s most revered and respected members disclose their unique experiences in the field and offer expert advice to fellow peers.

Overall, we’ve recorded dozens of hours worth of episodes — but you can catch up on the most important, interesting, and insightful tips and tricks shared by our guests to date in our exhaustive real estate ebook featuring 20 of our initial podcast interviewees.

Click below to get your free copy of our in-depth Marketing Genius Podcast ebook, and keep reading to get a glimpse of the types of insights shared by our guests over the past several months.

Placester Marketing Genius Podcast ebook

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Generations CEO Leighton Dees

Placester Marketing Genius Podcast ebook Leighton Dees

Aside from running a successful real estate agency along the Alabama Gulf Coast, Dees is an accomplished tech and marketing mind who provides his services to fellow professionals and brands in need of a digital upgrade. On our podcast, Dees discussed how brokers can build businesses based on quality cultures and showcasing their value to prospective agent hires.

Live Urban Real Estate Director of Marketing Stacie Staub

Placester Marketing Genius Podcast ebook Stacie Staub

Too many agents neglect the basics of online marketing, according to Staub: mastering SEO, writing informative blog posts, and building a strong online foundation — starting with an IDX real estate website. Staub divulged how industry pros can make the right investment with their marketing time, energy, and money on the podcast, and it all starts with evaluating what’s worked before for lead generation and nurturing and eliminating poor marketing strategies.

RealSure President and CTO Jack Miller

Placester Marketing Genius Podcast ebook Jack Miller

Technology can be an advantageous recruiting tool for brokers, Miller declared on the Marketing Genius Podcast. Implementing the right tech systems at one’s brokerage can prove highly attractive to modern-minded agents who understand the value of leveraging real estate CRMs, drip email marketing tools, and other software solutions.

Katie Lance Consulting CEO and Owner Katie Lance

Placester Marketing Genius Podcast ebook Katie Lance

The key to winning online today, Lance noted on the podcast, is constructing a digital marketing strategy that helps you earn new, high-quality leads with regularity, and nurturing those prospects through your funnel — and she’s absolutely correct. While a dedicated, long-term vision for your real estate marketing plan is vital, Lance added it’s also wise to pay attention to the latest marketing trends, apps, and widgets to ensure you make the most of what’s available to you.

RealSatisfied President Jeff Turner

Placester Marketing Genius Podcast ebook Jeff Turner

It’s not enough to get recent satisfied clients to share a sentence or two about how great you were in representing their home purchase or sale, according to Turner. Rather, you need to go the extra mile and garner as much feedback as you can — and not just from your happy customers. On the podcast, Turner shared his social proof philosophy as it pertains to real estate agents and brokers.

Placester Marketing Genius Podcast ebook

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