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Leveraging Loyalty with Jenny Wemert

Leveraging Loyalty with Jenny Wemert

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Leveraging Loyalty with Jenny Wemert

For many real estate agents, leads and deals are the currency of success. But we’d propose another, more valuable currency: loyalty.

In this business, earning a consumer’s loyalty can make the difference between one paycheck and a lifetime of rewards. Building trust with your clients can not only result in repeat business, but also good old-fashioned referrals—which, contrary to popular belief, are actually more prevalent among younger, more technologically inclined buyers and sellers.

Furthermore, when it comes to running a team or brokerage, loyalty isn’t just for consumers: it’s also for your agents and staff. In an industry as fiercely independent as real estate, that kind of loyalty can be difficult to come by. But Jenny Wemert has it figured out.

A seventeen-year veteran, Jenny has consistently been ranked one of the top 50 agents in Orlando, Florida. After a few years as an independent agent with Keller Williams, she took her business to the next level with The Wemert Group, a team that has since grown to 36 real estate professionals.

Jenny’s success is all about loyalty. That starts with clients, who have given her over 400 five-star real estate reviews on Zillow. That kind of feedback doesn’t just help Jenny promote her business: it also motivates her team to provide better service. “No one on the team wants to be the one that gets that bad testimonial,” Jenny explained. “It forces us all to go that extra mile and protect our brand to the nth degree, because it’s so fragile.”

Jenny also has the loyalty of her longtime team members, some of whom have been with the organization for over a decade. “Hiring people that are better than you, or that have that same heart, is super important,” Jenny told us. But hiring is just the first step in creating a committed team. “I haven’t always put [team members] in the right seat to start, but they’ve ended up in the right seat in the end,” Jenny said. “Because I was committed to them.”

The longevity of Jenny’s team also serves to strengthen The Wemert Group’s recruiting efforts. “Because we’ve had such long-term relationships on our team, we have evidence of success, and people can see that they want be part of that,” she told us.

In this interview, Jenny Wemert shares her secrets to earning and leveraging loyalty in real estate, and explains why running a truly successful team often means taking a step back.

- Seth

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