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Holiday Marketing Ideas: 16 Marketing Ideas for Agents

Holiday Marketing Ideas: 16 Marketing Ideas for Agents

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Holiday Marketing Ideas: 16 Marketing Ideas for Agents

Need a reason to reach out to clients and remind them you’re one of the best in the business? Holidays can be ideal times to reconnect—and the beauty of them is, there are several every year, so you can pick and choose the ones that make the most sense for you to celebrate.

But how do you know what to do for any given holiday? Consider these ideas that will work year-round and are flexible enough to adapt to several different holidays. Pick a few that make sense and work with your brand. Happy celebrating!

Holiday marketing ideas for real estate agents

Marketing ideas for realtors

1. Deliver baked goods

Do your clients know about your favorite bakery in town, the one with the croissants … or the cupcakes? Partnering with local bakeries to deliver boxes of their most popular items to your clients can tell them how much you care about your relationship.

Holiday Marketing Ideas

2. Give away a dinner

A nice dinner on a special occasion, whether out at a restaurant or in at home, is a tried-and-true way to commemorate all kinds of dates. You could talk to a local restaurant about packing up several courses for delivering, or give away a blowout dinner at the top eatery in town for a romantic night out, for example.

Holiday Marketing Ideas

3. Deliver flowers

Whether it’s a seasonal fall wreath for the door, a vase of cut flowers to use as a centerpiece, or sprouting bulbs that homeowners can plant when the snow melts, flowers are an appreciated way to decorate a home. 

Holiday Marketing Ideas

4. Host a party

You don’t need to wait until December to host a client appreciation party! In the summertime, you can have a barbecue and fireworks; hire a band and invite your clients for a night of dancing and chocolate fondue in February for Valentine’s Day. Harvest parties or baking contests can be perfect for the autumn. And, of course, you can host costume parties and trick-or-treating in October! Check out also this article -  “20 Memorable Ways to Show Real Estate Clients You Love Them”.  

Holiday Marketing Ideas

5. Give away a decorating guide

Where can people find home decoration items to show their holiday spirit? From trees and ornaments and fake snow in the wintertime, heart garlands and tinsel in February, to flags and lawn ornaments for the Fourth of July, you can both share your love for local boutiques and places to shop, and explain the fine art of decorating so that every home looks absolutely fabulous. Post it on your blog, or make it a gated download and offer it when people sign up for your mailing list.

Holiday Marketing Ideas

6. Host a craft event

These can be age-specific—ornament-making for kids, or an adult Valentine’s card workshop—or you can focus on one specific type of craft and open it up to all comers. Create a crafting station with instructions in your office and invite your clients for refreshments and as much hands-on making as they can handle.

Holiday Marketing Ideas

7. Or drop off DIY packages

Maybe you don’t have an office, or your clients are more interested in staying in. Consider packing up the items you would have provided for a craft event into household-sized packages and dropping them off with the instructions. Ask your clients to share what they’ve made on social media and tag you!

Holiday Marketing Ideas

8. Show a movie

Name any holiday, and it’s highly likely that someone in your office has a favorite movie about that holiday. Can you host a free viewing and provide the popcorn?

Holiday Marketing Ideas

9. Showcase renovation ideas

Ask your homeowner clients and friends who’s completed a renovation that links in with the holiday. Think gardens for springtime, patios for summer, kitchens for Thanksgiving, living rooms and guest areas for the winter holidays, and bedroom or bathroom renovations for Valentine’s Day. Get details on exactly what was done and who did it, then post about it on social media or your blog. Maybe you can even partner with some of the materials providers and laborers for discounted services on similar remodels!

Holiday Marketing Ideas

10. Send a “date night” package 

Whether your clients are single or partnered up, a box full of a fun evening in their house can’t go amiss with anybody! Think bath bombs and a couple of cans of craft beer for the singles, or a bottle of wine and cute card game for a couple if you’re putting together ideas for Valentine’s Day, or single or double servings of hot chocolate jars during the holidays.

Holiday Marketing Ideas

11. Create a holiday-related guide to the area

Where are the best places for a first date, or a proposal? Where should you take your family caroling or sledding? What are the spots for trick-or-treating? Where can you find the best back-to-school deals? Who’s got the best fireworks displays or deals on hot dogs for the Fourth of July? You know your area like an expert, so share your expert knowledge about how best to celebrate the holiday like a local.

Holiday Marketing Ideas

12. Decorate your office

When you have a physical office space, you can go as all-out as you want to show your enthusiasm for the season (whatever that season is)—or take a more sedate approach with lighting and music. One tip if you do want to go all-out: Shop for next year’s decorations the day after the holiday, and reserve a closet in your office to store all your goodies.

Holiday Marketing Ideas

13. Send cards with a personal note

It’s an old favorite for a reason: A seasonal card to let your clients know you’re thinking about them and celebrate the event of the day. Print some with your brokerage’s branding on them, then pop a small gift card for an online retailer or coffee shop in the envelope along with a clever note that ties in with the holiday.

Holiday Marketing Ideas

14. Partner with a charity

You can make this as simple as donating a portion of your proceeds made that month to a charity, or as extravagant as hosting a volunteer event in conjunction with the charity. The level of involvement will depend on you, but whether you’re clearing trails for hiking in the summertime, collecting coats for a clothing drive, serving meals, or purchasing toys, you’ll likely have plenty of options once you start exploring the charities and nonprofit organizations in your area.

Holiday Marketing Ideas

15. Update your website

If your brand is flexible enough to permit it, consider switching up the colors on your website to reflect the seasonal celebration of the moment. You can also take photos of tastefully decorated homes and use them as your home page hero image if changing the colors isn’t in the cards for you.

Holiday Marketing Ideas

16. Celebrate on social media

Your banners on social media can always be swapped out to represent whatever holiday you’re choosing to celebrate at the moment, but you can also host contests, virtual tours, and other seasonal delights on your social media pages. Who’s got the best Halloween costume ideas? Can you get followers to share their photos of their Christmas trees and vote for the most tasteful, best for kids, and other categories? Who’s got the worst story about a Valentine’s date gone wrong?

Don’t forget to use social media to also promote any other efforts on this list, such as holiday guides or giveaways. It’s a fantastic way to maximize engagement and get the word out about what you’re doing to celebrate!

Holiday Marketing Ideas

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