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Five Outstanding KW Websites

Five Outstanding KW Websites

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Five Outstanding KW Websites

A successful real estate business is built on the foundation of a great brand—and agent websites are a huge component of that brand. Crafting a superb online presence is no small feat, but as these KW agents have demonstrated, it’s easy with IDX websites powered by Placester.

Karla Dorsey,

According to a 2018 user experience study, it takes modern website visitors just 50 milliseconds (or 0.05 seconds) to form an opinion on the website they’re visiting. Fortunately, Karla Dorsey has designed a homepage that instantly delivers a great first impression.

Whether visitors use those initial milliseconds to look at Karla’s logo, hero image, or tagline, all the elements of her site indicate her premium niche. This guarantees that Karla will capture the attention of her ideal customers: buyers and sellers of luxury single-family homes.

Karla’s website builds on this first impression with a host of content designed to demonstrate her strengths. This includes a blog dedicated to showcasing South Tampa businesses loved by residents, as well as area pages dedicated to listings in South Tampa. Taken together, this content underscores that Karla is an expert not only in luxury, but also in her local area.

Karla selected Placester’s Newbury theme for her website and then personalized from there. You too can personalize this premium theme.

Brad Weisman,

More and more real estate professionals are adding video to their marketing strategy, and it’s easy to see why: marketers who use video achieve a 54 percent increase in brand awareness. Brad Weisman embodies this trend by incorporating various videos into his website.

In addition to recording tour videos for all of his listings, Brad also offers educational videos on his website with topics ranging from staging to questions consumers should ask before buying a home. Brad’s videos not only demonstrate his knowledge and veteran status, but also showcase his personality.

Apart from leveraging video, Brad’s website also uses design elements to entice visitors to take the next step. On every page, red CTAs for contact and search forms “pop” against the white background, and contact information is displayed prominently—ensuring that the actions Brad wants users to take are what they naturally see first.

Brad selected Placester’s Beacon theme for his website and then personalized from there. You too can personalize this premium theme.

Beacon Template

Blake Shawn,

Blake Shawn combines beautiful design with thoughtful messaging to create a website that resonates powerfully with his audience. Matching colors from the custom logo to the CTAs and banners create a cohesive look and feel that gives Blake’s brand added polish, while a personalized tagline (“We put the ‘REAL’ in Real Estate”) emphasizes his integrity and approachability. At the same time, every page contains at least one lead capture form, ensuring that Blake connects with visitors at every opportunity.

Backing up Blake’s adept branding is an extensive testimonials page, which offers visitors a range of success stories that allow past clients to market on his behalf.

Blake selected Placester’s Newbury theme for his website and then personalized from there. You too can personalize this premium theme.

Maurice Montoya,

Maurice Montoya takes niche marketing to the next level, specializing in golf course communities in San Luis Obispo. By narrowing his focus to a small subset of properties, Maurice is able to tap into a pool of highly motivated consumers who know what they want and are ready to buy.

To leverage his niche, Maurice uses area pages to target particular golf courses and housing developments. These pages not only pre-filter listings to show visitors exactly what they are looking for, but also help Maurice target long tail keywords in search engines, increasing his chances of reaching the right consumers.

Finally, Maurice uses pop-up lead capture forms sparingly, displaying them only where and when visitors are most engaged—for instance, on a page advertising upcoming open houses.

Maurice selected Placester’s Wilshire theme for his website and then personalized from there. You too can personalize this premium theme.

Wilshire Template

The Brickhouse Team,

For Clay Thomas and his team, the impact of their real estate website begins with a company logo: the roofline, chimney, and wolf silhouette, combined with the homepage’s header images, tell a story about the Kentucky properties that Brickhouse specializes in. Meanwhile, the area pages in the site’s main navigation expand on that story, drilling down to listings in the cities of Lexington, Geohome pagergetown, and Frankfurt.

But The Brickhouse team’s website doesn’t just promote their inventory of listings: it also tells potential clients a story about the professionals who will go to work for them. On his team’s bio page, Clay highlights all the members of Brickhouse with a photo showcasing their laid-back style, and provides a couple of telling sales stats to emphasize the results they generate for their clients. Taken together, all of these elements paint a convincing portrait of The Brickhouse Team as real estate pros visitors would enjoy working with.

The Brickhouse Team selected Placester’s Beacon theme for their website and then personalized from there. You too can personalize this premium theme.

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