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Fielding a Winning Team with Rachel Adams

Fielding a Winning Team with Rachel Adams

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Fielding a Winning Team with Rachel Adams

When it comes to real estate business models, teams are all the rage these days. In an Inman News survey, 75 percent of all respondents had a very positive view of real estate teams, rating them 8, 9 or 10 out of 10. A majority of those surveyed also believed teams are more visible to consumers than individual agents.

They say when something fails and you point the finger, you’ve got four pointing back at you.


Feelings aside, real estate teams offer various tangible benefits. For established REALTORS, they provide an opportunity to to grow a business and create more value for clients, without the added labor and overhead of starting their own brokerage. Beginners, meanwhile, have a chance to gain experience quickly by working closely with veteran agents. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean building a team is easy. Rachel Adams knows this from experience.

A REALTOR with Keller Williams in Roseville, CA, Rachel had her first real estate team fail after just eight months. “They say when something fails and you point the finger, you’ve got four pointing back at you,” Rachel told us. “So, I realized that [I needed to] set the standard for my team about what they can expect from me and what I expect from them.”

Having learned from her experience, Rachel went on to build a new team, one with a crystal-clear vision and recruits hand-picked to fit it. “Sometimes, we have people in our organizations that we keep around because we like them as people but they don’t have the right skill set to be in the position they’re in,” Rachel pointed out.

Today, Rachel is in the top 1 percent of all REALTORS in Placer and Sacramento counties, and has been ranked one of the top 1,000 agents in the country by the Wall Street Journal. But Rachel isn’t just a top producing agent: she also travels around the country, coaching others on how to create a winning mindset and a great business.

In this interview, Rachel explains the keys to building a successful real estate team, and describes her personal journey to a more balanced life and career.

- Matt & Seth

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