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Exceeding Expectations with Brad Allen

Exceeding Expectations with Brad Allen

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Exceeding Expectations with Brad Allen

In an industry that runs on commission, it’s easy to see why a lot of real estate professionals are reluctant to make a significant up-front investment in their clients. But in today’s competitive atmosphere, more agents, teams, and brokerages are beginning to see the value of going the extra mile for their clients. Brad Allen is a perfect example.

I don’t care how many houses you sell that first year…Are you seeing what the coordinator does? Are you making your follow-up calls?

Based in Columbia, South Carolina, Brad runs his business based on the belief that an individual agent can’t be prolific and provide a high level of service. Together with a partner, Brad started The ART of Real Estate in 2012 to provide a superior end-to-end experience for clients. With a full staff that includes a listing coordinator, videographer, photographer, closing coordinator and more, Brad has built a modern, successful brokerage that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

“We have a lot of upfront cost that we absorb for the client, but that makes the experience better and that makes our overall process and our sellability better,” Brad told us. “And at the end of the day, if we don’t do that…were not being true to who we are about bringing full service.”

For Brad, investing in marketing and personnel is crucial to a successful outcome. “A lot agents…just say whatever the client wants to hear so they can get their sign on the yard, and that just sets everything up for failure,” he explained. “We can never exceed their expectations if we set ourselves up for failure from the beginning, so we all have to be on the same page.”

Of course, investing in your real estate business isn’t just about money: it’s also about exceptional training. “What I think we’re missing in this industry is the apprenticeship,” Brad pointed out. With that in mind, Brad has built a training program that focuses on building experience and habits, rather than sales.

“I don’t care how many houses you sell that first year,” Brad said. “Are you getting out there with a photographer and seeing how he’s doing what he does? Are you seeing what the coordinator does? Are you making your follow-up calls?”

In this interview, Brad Allen discusses the importance of setting clear expectations with potential clients, and explains why brokers shouldn’t make sales a top priority for beginner agents.

- Seth

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