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Developing a Digital Strategy with Katie Lance

Developing a Digital Strategy with Katie Lance

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Developing a Digital Strategy with Katie Lance

In today’s marketing world, social media is a given. That’s certainly true in the real estate industry: 91 percent of REALTORS® employ social media in their business, while 77 percent say they’re at least somewhat comfortable using it. Of course, comfort isn’t the same as success, and many agents and brokers struggle to turn their social profiles and posts into leads and deals. Fortunately, there are a host of consultants and coaches ready to help them improve their social media ROI—and few better than Katie Lance.

“Marketing is about the marathon, not the sprint.”


As social media director and chief strategist for Inman News, Katie grew the publication’s social footprint from 5,000 followers and fans to over 300,000. Now, with Katie Lance Consulting, Katie speaks at digital marketing events across the country and advises companies in the real estate industry and beyond, with clients like RE/MAX LLC, Hearsay Social, DocuSign, Nest4Less, PNC Mortgage, Cloud CMA, RPM Mortgage, Crushed Wine app, Homekeepr, and more.

For most real estate marketers, Katie hardly needs an introduction: she’s been a leading voice for digital in the industry for quite some time. From her earliest days working in direct sales for Cutco products, to starting her own consulting company in 2012, Katie has built an incredible career and a dedicated following for her ability to connect with people and tell compelling stories around brands.

For Katie, successful social media marketing happens over the long haul. “Marketing is about the marathon, not the sprint,” Katie told us. “You may not see results from an ad you do today, but it’s the cumulative effect of what you do day in and day out.”

The key to long-term success, Katie explained, is building a thoughtful strategy. That doesn’t mean deciding what tools to use, or how you’ll spend your money: “It’s about the why,” Katie said. “There’s a lot of benefit in taking some time as a brand new agent to think about why [you] got into the business…What’s your goal? How do you want to come across?”

In this interview, we sat down with Katie Lance to talk about content strategy, the power of video and live streaming, and how to stay focused amid all the “shiny objects” of today’s digital marketing world.

- Matt Barba & Seth Price

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