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Bridging the Gaps with Lee Davenport

Bridging the Gaps with Lee Davenport

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Bridging the Gaps with Lee Davenport

When I was starting out in real estate, I learned pretty quickly that there’s a big difference between knowledge and experience, between earning your license and being an expert in your craft. In fact, most of the agents I’ve talked to have a similar story of realizing that they knew plenty about real estate, but next to nothing about running a real estate practice.

We’re in the information age. It’s rare that you can’t find something that you need. So go find it. There’s no excuse.


That’s where Lee Davenport comes in. A former agent and broker in Atlanta, Lee faced the same hard truth when she was starting out in real estate.

“You will learn real estate law [in licensure courses],” Lee pointed out, “but you won’t learn how to market yourself, how to find leads, how to convert those leads. And that’s where I had a personal problem when I got into the industry. So it has become kind of like my quest to fill that gap.”

Lee’s quest inspired her to develop Agents Around Atlanta Plus, a real estate coaching organization that helps clients develop the skills they need to do the real work of marketing and managing their businesses. The first step, Lee suggests, is a deep understanding of your personality and strengths.

“What do you bring to the table that’s different from anyone else that sets you apart?” Lee asked. “No two people have the same footprint. We didn’t go the exact same schools. We didn’t have the same upbringing. We don’t have the same skill set. And those are the very things that…we can use that to connect with people.”

There are those who say that not everyone is cut out for real estate. Lee disagrees. “I’m a big believer that every personality type can succeed in real estate sales,” she explained. “[But you] need to be resourceful…Just because someone didn’t spoonfeed it to you, you’ve got to be able to go out and find it. It’s out there. We’re in the information age. It’s rare that you can’t find something that you need. So go find it. There’s no excuse.”

In this interview, Lee outlines the three traits that every real estate agent needs for long-term success, and explains why hiring outside help is actually one of the smartest decisions an agent can make.

- Seth

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