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35 of the Best Real Estate Twitter Accounts to Follow

35 of the Best Real Estate Twitter Accounts to Follow

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35 of the Best Real Estate Twitter Accounts to Follow

Building a real estate Twitter marketing strategy may not sit high on your list of priorities — but it should.

You can use your real estate Twitter presence to connect with your audience, sharing your in-depth expertise and opinions. You can post open houses, share photos from your neighborhood, and network with other local businesses.

Because Twitter is a fast-paced, news-focused social media channel, you can get away with posting much more frequently than on Facebook or Instagram – which means can quickly find out what kind of posts your followers respond to most.

Looking for some inspiration on what to tweet, or who to follow? We’ve rounded up 25 of today’s best real estate Twitter accounts below.

(NOTE: These real estate Twitter accounts are not ranked in any particular order whatsoever!)

1) Inman News

real estate twitter accounts

Let’s start with a real estate Twitter account for the most respected industry publication. Inman News has been the go-to real estate news and advice resource since 1996, when Brad Inman founded the website. Along the way, it’s overgone many changes.

The one constant for the digital magazine, though, has been its dedication to educating real estate pros.

2) Leigh Brown

real estate twitter accounts

Brown is known as one of the most vocal leaders in the world of real estate. Her real estate Twitter account allows her to share her business views and opinions with fellow agents and brokers.

When she’s not tweeting day-to-day work tips and ways to increase the bottom line, you can find Brown speaking at one of the many real estate conferences that take place year-round.

3) National Association of Home Builders

real estate twitter accounts

It’s important to keep up with home construction news. The more you know about housing starts in your town, county, and state, the more informed you are when you try to convert leads into new business and find suitable properties for clients.

The NAHB shares regular updates around anything and everything home-building, so agents like you can stay up-to-date on how the market performs each month.

4) Katie Lance

real estate twitter accounts

Need insights on how to make the most of social media for real estate? You want to read blog posts and watch videos by Katie Lance. She’s arguably the best social media resource for small businesses on the web today.

Whether it’s in-depth webinars for agents or eye-opening tweets on her real estate Twitter account, Lance has tips that can improve your presence on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.

5) BiggerPockets

real estate twitter accounts

Not every real estate Twitter account listed here falls under the category of buying, selling, market news, or general business practices. Some, like the one for Bigger Pockets, offer a wealth of info on real estate investing.

Featured in publications including Forbes, Inc., and CNBC, Bigger Pockets is one of the best educational resources on the web for investors.

6) National Association of REALTORS®

real estate twitter accounts

You already know the National Association of REALTORS. You know it is the cream-of-the-crop industry trade group that helps members launch and advance their real estate careers. But did you know it also runs an amazing Twitter account?

New home sale and price data, details on new housing regulations, and other matters of interest to agents, brokers, and execs are shared daily on NAR’s Twitter handle.

7) HouseLogic

real estate twitter accounts

Knowing the biggest home design and improvement trends can help countless agents: Seller’s agents can learn which decor pieces and paint colors are ideal for staging listings. Buyer’s agents can provide options to buyers on how to update and improve properties they purchase.

All of these insights can be found every day on HouseLogic‘s highly visited Twitter account. You’d be wise to follow this feed ASAP.

8) Mortgage Bankers Association

real estate twitter accounts

Mortgage rates remain around all-time lows as 2018 kicks off, where they’ve been for several years now. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep up with other home loan-related news and updates.

The MBA serves up a variety of mortgage-oriented coverage for those in the lending space as well as agents and brokers. Follow this organization on Twitter. You’ll be more than glad you did.

9) New York Times Real Estate

real estate twitter accounts

The New York Times publishes all the news that’s fit to print … and that includes real estate industry updates. Though the majority of its housing and mortgage industry news pertains to the Greater New York area, the paper also reports on the U.S. and international markets — and shares those stories on Twitter.

The Times even reports on tech and marketing trends in real estate, like augmented reality!

10) RISMedia

real estate twitter accounts

This real estate news publication has been around for more than 35 years. The website includes an array of original articles about issues, regulatory measures, and other tidbits of importance to agents, brokers, and other industry minds.

In addition to sharing this unique content on its Twitter account, RISMedia also takes the time to curate tweets from several other real estate outlets across the web.

11) Placester

real estate twitter accounts

Oh… how did we land on this list? Hmm. That’s funny. Well, since it’s listed as a top real estate Twitter account to follow, we might as well tell you all about it!

To date, we’ve published more than 500 Academy articles along with many ebooks, guides, infographics, videos, reports, and templates — all of which are tweeted daily.

12) Seth Price

real estate twitter accounts

While we’re tooting our own horn, we might as well tell you about the account of one of our fearless leaders, Seth Price. He’s one of the brightest online marketing minds you’ll meet today.

This branding wiz has a first-rate Twitter presence, where he regularly engages with his followers and sparks interesting conversations among the worlds of real estate and marketing.

13) Compass

real estate twitter accounts

You don’t get $500 million-plus in funding if you’re not an industry-altering company. Compass appears to be just that. The new-age real estate agency has developed a presence in several of the country’s biggest cities.

Compass is admired for its savvy digital marketing approach — one that includes in-depth market guides, an extensive quarterly magazine, and a top-of-the-line Twitter account.

14) REALTOR Magazine

real estate twitter accounts

Contributors from all walks of (real estate) life share their distinct views in REALTOR Magazine. The online and offline publication features content on everything from tax deductions for agents to essential REALTOR tech tools.

Hearing from executives, broker-owners, beginner agents alike makes this magazine — and its real estate Twitter account — an absolute must-follow.

15) Tom Ferry

real estate twitter accounts

When you have your own real estate conference that countless agents attend: That’s when you know you’re a true industry influencer. The esteemed real estate coach/trainer has built an educational empire that helps many agents advance their careers and earn more.

On Twitter, Ferry and Co. provide motivational advice for aspiring top producers and in-depth training materials to better their day-to-day.

16) HousingWire

real estate twitter accounts

The state of lending in the construction sector. Home value data for homes nationwide. New government programs to help spur buying. This is the kind of news HousingWire shares on its widely read website and on its Twitter account.

Through the site’s Twitter feed, you can catch up on the latest real estate updates: from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulations to economists’ opinions on the state of housing.

17) Keller Williams

real estate twitter accounts

Even if you don’t work for the sizable franchise, chances are you could learn a thing or two from the Keller Williams Twitter account.

Design trends, stories about interesting clients and KW members, consumer surveys, and KW event highlights make up a good portion of the company’s tweets.

18) Houzz

real estate twitter accounts

You’re not an interior designer — but you’ll definitely feel like one after combing through Houzz‘s real estate Twitter account. Kitchen renovation ideas, modern bathroom upgrades, fireplace maintenance tips, and clutter organization techniques are some of the helpful tweets the brand posts.

You can share the knowledge gained from Houzz with your clients in blog posts and emails — making you look like a home decorating expert.

19) REtipster

real estate twitter accounts

Seth Williams of REtipster helps part-time investors make the right business decisions. So, it makes sense that he shares his investing wisdom through the company’s Twitter account.

From SEO hacks for your investing website to learning the basics of purchasing and fixing up properties, Williams covers numerous niche investing topics (and his REtipster Podcast is now up and running as well).

20) Sean Carpenter

real estate twitter accounts

The agent development director for Ohio NRT knows how to educate agents. He offers sound advice for beginner and established agents alike, and much of that advice can be found on his Twitter account, where he supplies many tips and tricks of the trade.

When he’s not tweeting, he’s networking at real estate events and chatting on podcasts with fellow industry members.

21) Curbed

real estate twitter accounts

Curbed is the catch-all real estate news channel where industry professionals and consumers can both read up on interesting developments. Curbed’s Twitter account churns out tweet after tweet about celebrities’ homes that recently hit the market and sold as well as singular types of architecture that catch the eye.

This is one of those real estate Twitter accounts you’ll find yourself browsing for 30 minutes without even realizing it. It’s that engaging.

22) Urban Land Institute

real estate twitter accounts

The world is seemingly getting smaller as the population boom continues. With that in mind, the Urban Land Institute studies the impacts of land use worldwide, releasing several revealing reports annually (and on social media).

Offering an international perspective on real estate, it’s a top Twitter read for agents.

23) Coldwell Banker

real estate twitter accounts

With several associates and execs named to the Swanepoel Power 200 list, indicating the most powerful and influential real estate professionals, Coldwell Banker certainly remains a franchise on the rise.

On top of having these admired minds recognized for their hard work, the brand is also well-known for its content and social media efforts.

On Twitter, the company gives homeowners plenty of maintenance advice, and provides business guidance for its members.


real estate twitter accounts

The real estate portal has certainly mastered the art of appealing video ads. This savvy marketing also translates well to Twitter, where you can view popular commercials and also access plenty of buying and selling advice.

Agents who follow this real estate Twitter account can also get staging advice, listing photo tips, and market data galore.

25) RE/MAX

real estate twitter accounts

As with Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX also has quite the robust Twitter presence. One way it stands out from other real estate Twitter accounts is home-grown content.

Blog posts, videos, and infographics are heavily in the rotation. While most of this content is aimed squarely at consumers, there’s more than enough to make it worth agents’ time to read as well.

26) Chris Smith

Chris Smith Twitter

The charismatic co-founder of Curaytor has quite the following on Twitter at around 25,000 followers. In addition to his other business ventures, like the apartment listing site RentMatch, Chris has also written a book on running a business in the modern age and holds a regular webshow about the latest in tech and marketing.

27) Amy Chorew

Amy Chorew Twitter

As the VP of Platform Development for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Amy makes new and innovative agent and broker tools available to real estate pros in its network. She’s also heavily involved with the National Association of Realtors, as she serves on the Women’s Council of Realtors and NAR’s Professional Development Committee.

28) Nobu Hata

Nobu Hata Twitter

After serving as a dedicated Realtor® for several years, Nobu now serves as the Director of Digital Engagement for NAR, where he spreads the good word about the organization and reaches out to industry groups and members via social and other online methods.

29) Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell Twitter

Running the weekly (and quite entertaining) Agent Caffeine broadcast, Kelly makes it her mission to inform agents, brokers, and other business professionals about the need-to-know news and info on new tech trends, social media opportunities, and anything else that can improve their bottom lines.

30) Paul Morris

Paul Morris Twitter

The Regional Director for Central and Southern California for the brokerage Forward Management is widely respected for his business acumen and real estate skills. His brokerage is one of the top in the nation, thanks in big part to his leadership.

31) Seth Williams

Seth Williams Twitter

Another great real estate tweeter is Seth Williams, who founded the informative blog While the site is geared mostly toward real estate investors, he still features a great deal of content that agents and brokers everywhere will find interesting and insightful.

32) Laura Monroe

Laura Monroe Twitter

When you think of online real estate marketing resources, Inman is likely top of mind … as it should be, with someone like Laura running the ship. She serves as the publication’s director of industry engagement and social media. Despite her busy day-to-day, she also finds time to publish unique and informative content to the site regularly.

33) Rob Hahn

Rob Hahn Twitter

For those who don’t know, Rob happens to run one of the most intriguing real estate blogs out there (and one we’ve featured on our Academy before). His expertise in all things real estate, including the marketing side of things, make him a definite go-to guide for agents.

34) Candace Taylor

Candace Taylor Twitter

Reporting on residential real estate news for The Wall Street Journal, Candace has a knack for finding truly unique angles for her stories, which range from the latest in luxury homes and celebrity transactions to little-known historic properties and trends in markets nationwide.

35) Debbie Drummond

Debbie Drummond Twitter

Debbie is a successful realtor in Las Vegas, Nevada market. She shares great tips and resources on a daily basis. Debbie specializes in the luxury home, golf course and high rise markets. She’s a full time Realtor who has achieved numerous designations. Her knowledge of the local market will be very insightful.

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