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Stay Connected: 10 Apps for Real Estate Agents On the Go

Stay Connected: 10 Apps for Real Estate Agents On the Go

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Stay Connected: 10 Apps for Real Estate Agents On the Go

As a real estate agent, you’re constantly on the move, showing clients the newest listings, meeting with leads, and making calls or in-person visits to close deals. Completing these tasks takes up time — time you could spend on improving and monitoring your real estate marketing.

Whether it’s scheduling and analyzing social media posts, filling out your monthly expense reports, or determining the effectiveness of your real estate email marketing, there are many mobile apps that can make your life on the go simpler and more organized. With the apps listed below, you can simultaneously work with current clients, nurture qualified leads, and secure new business — all before lunch.

1)  Hootsuite

Hootsuite iPhone app

SPECS: Free, available on iOS and Android

WHAT IT DOES: Social media publishing and tracking made simple. Using the major social networks’ apps for personal use? That works, but when it comes to using several channels for real estate business, a single app can give you all the insights and functionality you need. Hootsuite makes social media publishing, scheduling, and tracking a piece of cake. Set up your tweets, posts, and other social messages on the go and monitor their metrics. That way, you can keep up with what’s working for your social media marketing while out of the office.

2)  Google Hangouts

SPECS: Free, available on iOS and Android

WHAT IT DOES: Video conferencing with clients, leads, and colleagues made easy. Real estate is one of the few major industries where professionals essentially have to be on-call most of the time. If you have to meet with prospective buyers or sellers but are out of town, set aside time in your hotel room or even your car to speak with them via Hangouts. This app is a lifesaver for real estate agents who need to keep in constant contact with (and appease) potential and current clients.

3)  Evernote

SPECS: Free, available on iOS and Android

WHAT IT DOES: Consolidate essential work documents and notes into one location. Record audio messages, sync notes from multiple devices, quickly enter tags to find notes, and share important documents with colleagues and clients — and all tasks can be completed with Evernote in minutes while on the go. Maintain docs in-app that highlight client and lead preferences, like what kinds of homes they’re looking to buy or specifications about how sellers want to offload their property. Check these notes right before meeting with buyers and sellers to keep them fresh in your memory.

4)  Open Home Pro

Open Home Pro iPad app

SPECS: Free, for iPads and Android tablets

WHAT IT DOES: Mobile open house prep. Need to prepare for an open house but away from your desk? Not to worry. Create a sign-in sheet along with questions for walk-ins to see if buyers have representation and what preferences they have for their next home. Functionality for Open Home Pro is clean and simple, and you can even use it to jot down notes about visitors’ likes and dislikes about a home for sale and show off other listings you represent.

5)  Dropbox

SPECS: Free, available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Kindle

WHAT IT DOES: Grab and drop important files as needed. Used nearly universally these days, Dropbox can simplify your real estate marketing. Keep tabs on all of the content you create for your website, and even the resources needed to create that content, so you can make adjustments or additions to your collateral whenever you need. Also, save property photos and info about a home or the local market to provide to clients, which you can do by creating and sharing folders specifically for them. Simply put, your file management is made easy with this app, particularly when you’re away at a conference and need to keep up with your real estate lead generation.

“There is no substitute for hard work.”


6)  Expensify

SPECS: Free, available on iOS, Google Play, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry

WHAT IT DOES: Expense and document work costs with ease. Whether you work at a brokerage or out of your own office, accurately accounting for work expenses is a must. During your down time on the road, use Expensify to track how many miles you drove in the past month, where you bought food, and any other purchases made. Just snap photos of all of your receipts, and boom — you’ve got all of your expense info in one place.

7)  Dashboard for Google Analytics

SPECS: Free, available on iOS

WHAT IT DOES: Follow your real estate website metrics. You’re arguably going to get more in-depth reporting done on your real estate website analytics during your time in your office, but while away, use this app to track how your blog posts are performing, which landing pages are converting, and which listings are getting clicks. Monitoring your analytics is essential to see growth in your real estate business, so why not set aside some time in between showings and meetings to figure out your website’s progress?

8)  Mailtracker

Mailtracker iPhone app

SPECS: Free, available on iOS

WHAT IT DOES: Determine who’s opening your email. It’s good to know if your email marketing is working, right? Identify which are getting opened and which aren’t with Mailtracker. Check this app a few times per day during time off or when hustling from one appointment to another to learn when your email lists (prospective buyers and sellers) open your messages, how long they read them, and how many times they were opened. The notifications will clearly show you who’s ignoring you and which leads seem interested in your services.

9)  Slack

SPECS: Free, available on iOS and Android

WHAT IT DOES: Maintaining communication with your agent team (head broker, fellow colleagues, admins, assistants, etc.) is of the utmost importance. With Slack, you can easily keep tabs on ongoing projects, lead-nurturing efforts, and company updates. Whether you’re a team of 5 or a growing agency of 50, Slack can provide you a simple means of chatting with others within your business and making necessary decisions on the go.

10)  SignNow

SPECS: Free, available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

WHAT IT DOES: Finalizing deals made simple. Signing docs on the fly is nothing new for real estate agents. For your business, you’re likely endorsing and shipping your signature all over the place. If you have an urgent contract that needs to be sent ASAP while away from your desk, you can breathe easy: Apps like this can remove the stress from last-minute needs. You can sign and send in a matter of a few minutes, ensuring your clients get instant gratification for their transaction and your commission is safely secured.

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