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A Year of Content with Dale Chumbley

A Year of Content with Dale Chumbley

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A Year of Content with Dale Chumbley

By now, most real estate agents looking to market themselves online know that content is king. In fact, content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing, and generates about 3 times more leads.

I’ve done lots of business with people that found me as a result of content…because I became the community expert to them.


What many agents don’t know, however, is how much time and content it takes to reap those rewards. Blogging several times a week, forever—that sounds like a lot of work, and many real estate professionals don’t feel like they have the hours or the energy for it.

But what if there were another way to build a content library that drove traffic and attracted leads—one that didn’t require a career-length commitment? Dale Chumbley may have found the solution.

Back in 2010, Dale saw an opportunity to create digital content about his community of Vancouver, Washington. Instead of just setting up a blog and writing on whatever topic sprang to mind, however, Dale issued himself a challenge: 365 days, 365 entries. The result was 365 Things to Do in Vancouver Washington, a year’s worth of amazing content that established Dale as a local authority.

Now, five years later, Dale continues to get leads and referrals from people who have discovered him through his online content. “I’ve done lots of business with people that found me as a result of content…because I became the community expert to them,” Dale told us. “I continue to get referral business from realtors around the country.”

For Dale, the “365 Things” experiment illustrates how establishing concrete goals can give real estate agents the confidence they need to break into the world of digital marketing. “Rather than setting yourself up for failure, set yourself up for success,” Dale advised. “Create something that’s attainable based upon your schedule and your availability to do that.”

Dale is also quick to point out that agents shouldn’t create content for its own sake. “If you’re passionate about your community…write about it,” Dale said. “And don’t do it from behind a computer. [People] think to themselves, ‘Oh, I’ll just Google what are the things to do and I’ll just reproduce that content.’ Well, that doesn’t set you apart as a local expert who knows and understands your community.”

In this interview, Dale explains how his “365 Things To Do in Vancouver” project has paid off for his real estate business, and how breaking into video marketing for real estate is as simple as wishing someone a happy birthday.

- Matt & Seth

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