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A Helping Hand with Chris Craft

A Helping Hand with Chris Craft

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A Helping Hand with Chris Craft

In the world of digital marketing, content providers have something of a mixed reputation. On the one hand, real estate agents are struggling to find the time and the know-how to create great content that attracts prospects online. On the other hand, content providers are often dismissed as little more than “content mills,” promising front-page placement while churning out low-quality blog posts and articles.

I’m an awareness guy. And I believe when you sell that…it creates a good standard for what the role of the content will be [in your business].

But Chris Craft begs to differ. As founder of Atlanta-based Nao Media, Chris has built an effective and ethical company that delivers high-quality, search-optimized content to real estate agents and other small businesses owners.

Unlike many content providers, Chris has learned that the goal of content marketing isn’t just to rank highly in search. “When I first started creating content for people, I was all about instant big wins,” he admitted. “‘Oh, you’ll get to the top of page one, just hear me out.’ But now I’m an awareness guy. And I believe when you sell that…it creates a good standard for what the role of the content will be [in your business].”

Chris is the first to acknowledge that real estate agents should strive to build their own content libraries. “I’m not trying to scare people away from writing their own content,” Chris points out. “I just know the reality is that most people don’t have the time to do what we do…Outsourcing, delegating is your friend.”

Along with personalized blog posts, Nao Media also builds a custom editorial calendar for each client, ensuring an optimized, steady flow of content. “Our best client is not just putting [blog posts] all out at the same time,” Chris explained. “[They’re] putting the one to two pieces out per week that they can comfortably ignite through social.”

As for social, Chris stressed its importance for getting the most from your content. Thankfully, you can get help with that, too. “Our most successful clients automate social [media],” Chris explained. “They’re not sitting there in front of their computer sending individual tweets out.”

In this interview, Chris takes us inside Nao Media’s content creation process, and offers some valuable strategies to help real estate professionals get more mileage out of their marketing.

- Seth

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