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50 Graphic Design Resources for Your Real Estate Branding

50 Graphic Design Resources for Your Real Estate Branding

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50 Graphic Design Resources for Your Real Estate Branding

In an ideal world, you always have plenty of money you can set aside to hire others to create real estate branding collateral for your agency.

However, there may be times during your career when you simply don’t have the dollars to allocate for a fancy logo, intricate infographic, or well-designed ebook — meaning you have to get a bit creative with your real estate marketing plan.

Thankfully, there are countless graphic design assets — many of which are available for free (or at least an affordable price) — that can help you easily craft or secure images and other creative items.

Fifty of these incredible tools, marketplaces, and inspirational resources can be found below.

The Best Affordable Do-It-Yourself Real Estate Logo Creation Tools

Though it may not be your first choice for crafting aesthetically gorgeous real estate branding elements, going the DIY route does have its benefits. Mainly, you can control every aspect of your visual content marketing collateral you develop. Having the best-of-the-best tools to work with that make this process as quick and painless as possible, though, is your ideal move, so check out a couple dozen of the premier graphic design tools on the market.


graphic design tools LogoMaker

The service initially started out as a graphic design firm for small businesses. Over time, though, the platform transitioned to a DIY model — a move that’s boded well for the company, which boasts that brands can craft stellar logos in just 10 minutes.


graphic design tools Tailor

The primary service offered by Tailor is the “Brand Bundle,” which includes print and digital versions of the logo you create with its algorithm-based design system, including ones you can use for business cards and letterheads.


graphic design tools Withoomph

‘Create, customize, and download’ is essentially the tagline for this graphic design service, which offers three distinct price packages, depending on where you intend to use your real estate branding collateral.


graphic design tools Logaster

For 10 years, Logaster has provided its premier graphic design software to small and mid-sized businesses, offering an array of different pricing plans for different collateral types, meaning you can mix and match as needed for your real estate marketing.


graphic design tools YouiDraw

From high-quality vectors to HTML5 logos, YouiDraw makes the process of crafting the best branding materials for the modern web a cinch for novice designers (a.k.a. most real estate agents), particularly with its three different design apps based on skill level and specific design needs.


graphic design tools Canva

Chances are you’ve heard of this up-and-coming design website, which has become a favorite of brands small and large nationwide due to its intuitiveness and collection of thousands of icons, images, graphics, and other visual elements that can enhance companies’ branding.


graphic design tools Photoshop

Some people think of this Adobe-based software as a difficult one to master. The truth is playing around with the platform for a couple hours and watching the company’s many tutorial videos makes mastering the solution relatively painless.


graphic design tools LogoGarden

In addition to its logo creation tool, LogoGarden also offers a variety of other branding services, including T-shirts, smartphone cases, signs, and business cards, making the enterprise an all-in-one solution of sorts that can build up your real estate branding.


graphic design tools Designmantic

Simply enter in the name of your agency and select “Real Estate & Rental” as your industry on the homepage of this easy-to-use graphic design service, and within seconds, you’re presented with dozens of logo options. In other words, it’s a perfect option for beginner real estate agents.

Logotype Maker

graphic design tools Logotype Maker

Select a logo design that catches your eye, then head into the service’s logo editor program to jazz it up, and within minutes, you have new branding collateral ready for use in your various online and offline real estate marketing channels.


graphic design tools BeFunky

An image editor, collage maker, and design dashboard offer three different means for you to produce new, appealing visuals for your digital marketing. Upload photos and you can add fancy text overlays to them and use the final products on social media, email campaigns, and your site.


graphic design tools Tweak

Many agents still find plenty of use for print collateral in their overall real estate marketing strategies. If you still find brochures, flyers, posters, and similar offline marketing methods beneficial, Tweak could be the perfect design service for you.


graphic design tools Logomakr

Mix and match one or more of the innumerable icons and shapes the software offers, then just add text featuring your company name and value proposition with this simplistic, drag-and-drop-style tool to construct stunning logos, banners, and similar branding components.


graphic design tools PicMonkey

Creating images for your real estate social media marketing efforts can be a hassle, particularly given each social network has its own unique size dimensions for images. Thanks to pre-sized templates on PicMonkey, though, creating, sizing, and touching up images and photos for use on social is straightforward.


graphic design tools Vistaprint

Arguably one of the most highly used graphic creation and print marketing services used by SMBs throughout the country, Vistaprint also offers an explanatory DIY solution for developing striking imagery for online and offline promotional purposes.

Squarespace Logo

graphic design tools Squarespace

The website provider affords professionals this nifty tool, which is possibly the easiest resource to use in this list. Just enter your name, select an icon, and like that, you’ve got a ready-to-go logo. Perhaps this isn’t the most ideal tool for extensive real estate branding, but if bare-bones is what you’re after, this is it.


graphic design tools Logogenie

Getting myriad file types for real estate branding collateral you create on the cheap isn’t an easy task, even with some of these resources. Logogenie, though, offers every major document format you could need to best leverage your graphics: PDF, PNG, EPS, TIFF, and several other types.


graphic design tools GraphicSprings

A seemingly endless supply of pre-made designs to choose from, the ability to modify those designs to fit your own branding needs, and helpful customer support services are just a few of the great features of this esteemed logo creation software.

Hipster Logo Generator

graphic design tools Hipster Logo Generator

Don’t let the name of this worthwhile tool fool you: You can actually secure a pretty sleek-looking logo that’s modern and tells your brand story using the minimalist generator. It may not fit in with some agents’ real estate branding, but if you want to position your company as chic and stylish, this could be the design resource to use.

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Design Marketplaces to Help You Secure a Great Real Estate Logo

If you’re not sold on the idea of crafting arguably the most important piece of visual real estate branding for your business by yourself, there’s always the option of hiring an established and experienced designer or design firm to develop your logo for you.To help you get started in your search for the right person or company help you create a stellar logo, here are some great online marketplaces that allow you to connect one-on-one with amateur and professional designers who can put together an amazing one for you in a matter of days (or even hours, depending on how much you’re willing to shell out for a fresh design), so check them out.

Zillion Designs

graphic design tools Zillion Designs

Though this service is arguably a costly one for agents, regardless of how much they pull in each month and year, the service allows you to hand over your creative brief to designers who can gain a full understanding of what you aim for with your real estate branding and deliver the optimal visuals that can bolster your online presence.

Deluxe Logo Design

graphic design tools Deluxe

Getting your own dedicated designer to work on your project after hearing about all of your wants and needs for your branding is a great way to end up with an amazing logo and related collateral that can set yourself apart from other local agents — and that’s exactly what you get with Deluxe.


graphic design tools LogoInn

In addition to still graphics, video designs are also available via this highly reviewed marketplace. So if you’re looking to ramp up your YouTube channel but need assistance with producing the foundational elements of your videos, LogoInn could be the perfect place to turn to.


graphic design tools 99designs

Relay exactly what you’re looking for with your real estate branding materials to 99designs and they’ll provide you with not just one custom-made design to choose from, but rather dozens of options from which you can select the optimal one for your agency.


graphic design tools Fiverr

If you’d like to see dozens of examples of work designers have completed in the past when looking to hire one for your branding needs, you likely won’t come across many better marketplaces than Fiverr, which shows you all of its members projects and prices for previously created works.


graphic design tools Inkd

Think of practically any real estate marketing situation in which you’d need special branding collateral to bolster your promotional efforts — listing presentations, conference networking events, and the like. Inkd can essentially offer you just about any collateral you’d need to make the most of these marketing opportunities.


graphic design tools Hatchwise

More than a million logos have been shared via the Hatchwise marketplace since its inception nearly a decade ago, with thousands of businesses turning to the design network to find fantastic visuals for their brands. If you’re looking for an affordable outsourcing job for your logo, strongly consider this service.


graphic design tools Designcrowd

You can’t go wrong with a platform that offers works from roughly half of a million graphic designers. Simply set your budget for the projects you need completed and you’ll be on your way to being connected with the right designer(s) who can produce the distinct works you need finished for your real estate brand.


graphic design tools crowdSPRING

A shade under 200,000 designers operate in this marketplace, meaning you can get around 100 entries for your branding needs to choose from to enhance your company’s marketing aesthetic. With a 96% satisfaction rate among pros who use the site, it’s a safe bet you’ll get what you need by using the platform.


graphic design tools Graphic River Envato Market

One branch of the popular Envato Market, which offers an array of web and print design resources for brands, GraphicRiver is the place to head to when you need email header designs, PowerPoint templates, custom fonts, and other materials to create a unified branding campaign for your business.


graphic design tools DesignHill

Contests are the focal point of this design marketplace: Simply start a contest — in other words, tell the creatives who work in the Designhill network what you’re looking for — and those interested will pitch you their best designs based on your branding requirements. Then, choose the winning design. It’s that easy.


graphic design tools TemplateCloud

If you’d rather not wait around for designers to provide you with samples of their work, you can use a site like TemplateCloud, which has more than 350 ready-to-download design templates for flyers, posters, business cards, brochures, postcards, and several other print marketing types.


graphic design tools 110designs

Custom real estate website designs, logo creation services, and stationary materials are just a small sample of what’s offered through this unique marketplace, which notes it provides customers with personalized designs within a matter of hours.

Creative Market

graphic design tools Creative Market

Both free and paid designs can be found in this renowned marketplace, including seasonal photo and image packs, and graphic design kits featuring dozens of icons, textures, fonts, and other design elements that allow you to craft your own real estate branding blueprint.

MOJO Marketplace

graphic design tools MOJO Marketplace

The self-pronounced biggest digital design marketplace, MOJO offers countless options for professionals and brands in need of online marketing materials, including plug-ins and custom themes for their sites that can enhance their audience’s user experience.


graphic design tools 48hourslogo

In case you couldn’t tell by the name of the company, this marketplace can get you new logo options within just a couple of days. The portfolio of logos and other designs created for brands through the platform is quite impressive, so this could be an ideal starting point for generating ideas for your own.

Luvly Marketplace

graphic design tools Luvly Marketplace

One of the more affordable options in this list is Luvly Marketplace, which offers a bevy of print and digital designs for just a few dollars. Many of the pre-made works featured on the site are some of the sleekest you’ll find online, including trendy icons and textures for your site designs.

Inspiration for Your Logo and Other Real Estate Branding Collateral

Regardless of whether you decide to mold your own visual marketing materials or get someone with a strong background in design to develop them for you, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your branding components from these sites, each of which serves as a showcase for amateur and professional designers alike to share their projects, seek feedback, and even offer their services to companies and organizations seeking new branding collateral for (what is more often than not) negotiable prices. Take a look at these resources to get ideas for how you want your logo and other visuals for your real estate marketing to look.


graphic design tools Logopond

Hundreds of pages featuring the intricate works of 130,000-plus designers: That’s what you’ll find when you head to Logopond. Whether your style is more minimalistic and spare or you prefer designs with lots of pizzazz and color, you’ll find numerous examples to inspire your logo here.


graphic design tools Behance

On top of showcasing the premier logos developed by many of the web’s most talented designers, this site also spotlights unique works like street art, fonts, motion graphics, interior design, and furniture, so you can get ideas for your real estate branding from a wealth of influential projects.

Logo Faves

graphic design tools Logofaves

This site is as uncomplicated as it gets: Select which kind of designs you wish to view — new ones, random ones, the best ones, or the most favorited ones — and you’ll get to browse thousands of singular design projects created from across the globe.


graphic design tools Dribbble

From the most beautiful and detailed design projects (including web templates, GIFs, and other UI elements) to a multitude of impressive designer portfolios highlighting some of the most exceptional designs online today, Dribbble makes it easy to get lost in the amazing works of the web’s best creative pros.


graphic design tools LogoLounge

Annually produced logo trend reports, books showcasing the premier designs from creatives worldwide, numerous blog posts spotlighting specific logo projects, and over 200,000 logo examples to peruse can be found on Logo Lounge.

The Design Inspiration

graphic design tools Design Inspiration

This easy-to-navigate inspiration source hosts nearly 1,000 feature articles on the design creation process and thousands of examples of logos, website templates, illustrations, other creative works, and even pattern downloads, which can certainly come in handy for your creative real estate marketing tactics.


graphic design tools Awwwards

As with many industries and interests, there are awards for those who produce the top designs seen across the internet. Having said that, Awwwards is also much more than just the Oscars for web design — it also offers a directory to reach designers looking for work and a frequently updated blog featuring design news and trends.


graphic design tools Logspire

Without even realizing it, you could spend a couple hours simply scrolling down this seemingly endless list of great logo examples. The bare-bones UX allows users to get a clear view of the designs that appeal to them most.


graphic design tools Designspiration

Sign up for an account with this logo inspiration site and you’ll be able to save your favorite examples and designer profiles (of which there are quite a few) to view whenever you want and share with any designer you end up hiring to create your visual real estate branding.


graphic design tools LogoMoose

You can both browse the myriad designs showcased on this inspirational resource and communicate directly with any professional freelance designers who can offer their services for your special projects. Social proof for the designer members’ work can be found in their in-depth portfolios featured on the site.

Inspiration Grid

graphic design tools Inspiration Grid

Thousands of phenomenal design projects — including video motion graphics, packaging designs, industrial works, and advertising images — can be inspected via Inspiration Grid. Just click on the designs that appeal to you most and you’ll get all the info on those particular works, including who made them and where you can contact them.

Logo of the Day

graphic design tools Logo of the Day

It’s just as it sounds: A new logo is spotlighted each day, with designers chiming in with their thoughts on each and voting to designate which are the best of the best. Scroll over each entry to discover the origin of the works in question.


graphic design tools Logo Gala

Color plays a vital role in any real estate agent branding strategy. If you prefer to discover top designs by pallette, this is the site for you. Though it may not feature as many examples as some of the other sites listed here, it does highlight some impeccable projects.

Creative Bloq

graphic design tools Creative Bloq

Though it’s more of a tips-and-tricks blog for professional designers and other creatives, you can still find the latest and greatest branding samples from businesses in a variety of industries by checking out this fun-to-browse site, including the newest typography styles and best designs from around the globe.

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