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Placester’s 2018 Real Estate Marketing Strategy Survey

Placester’s 2018 Real Estate Marketing Strategy Survey

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Placester’s 2018 Real Estate Marketing Strategy Survey

As all experienced and successful real estate agents understand, you can never start planning too early for the next calendar year.

During the summer months, when the housing market is traditionally at its peak in most areas around the country, industry professionals should still be thinking about how they can prepare for the leaner winter months.

Even if you don’t think 2018 deserves your attention just yet, it’s time to put an action plan in place for the future.

As you share your real estate marketing plan for 2018 in our brief poll below, you can use our questions to help craft your online and offline approach for the year ahead.

After the results are tallied, we’ll share the data with you and all other agents and brokers early in January — meaning you’ll be able to see the kinds of marketing activities, channels, and techniques other real estate pros nationwide plan to prioritize next year.

UPDATE: Our survey is closed! Register here to receive our end-of-year survey report.

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