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Why You Should Choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel | Placester

Why You Should Choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel | Placester

Why you should choose a vacation rental over a hotel

Trying to figure out where to stay for your next vacation? While a hotel may seem like an easier and less expensive choice, a vacation rental property has many advantages. Here are a few of them.

Value and Savings

Sure, a hotel offers some services and amenities that a vacation rental doesn’t, including concierge and maid services. But hotels also carry lots hidden costs: parking fees, minibar, pricey restaurants, etc. Plus, the larger space in a vacation rental allows groups to travel together and split the lodging costs, offering more affordable per-night rates overall than hotels.


Vacation rentals offer amenities that make it easier for you live your way and on your schedule, rather than someone else’s. Coffee got cold? Pop it in the microwave. Don’t feel like wrangling the kids to go out to dinner or breakfast? Whip up a quick meal in your full kitchen and eat in instead. Spill wine or mustard on your favorite shirt? Take advantage of your in-unit laundry.

Elbow Room

No matter how clean, new, and luxurious a hotel room is, it’s still just that: a room. Even suite-style hotel accommodations are bound to be smaller than a similar setup in a standalone vacation home or condo. This not only offers you more breathing room when you’re with a big group: it also avoids splitting up your party into several isolated rooms, which can be a hassle, particularly when you’re with small children.


As a personal residence, a vacation rental obviously offers you and your family a lot more privacy than a hotel room. That’s doubly true if the property comes with its own pool or spa: no need to share the hot tub with that obnoxious couple or that big hairy guy. Vacation rentals can also provide solitude in private bedrooms away from other friends or family members, instead of cramming you all into one space.