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Release Notes - November 15, 2013 | Placester

Release Notes - November 15, 2013 | Placester

When creating a new site and using one of our responsive themes the Search widget would be configured to go to the listings-search page, but the page created for this was search. This has been fixed by setting the default search page to have a slug of listings-search.

In Theme Options for each of our themes, there was a restore defaults button to reset everything to default. This was confusing and most people thought it would reset only the options on the current screen. This button has been removed.

Within the feed we generate, there is a property_type and metadata[prop_type]. While these are often equal they are not always the same. We were inconsistently using one for some features and the other for other features. We have changed this to be a consistent behavior.

Block Addresses have long been very confusing for all of our users. The feature basically allowed for a random address within a block of the real address to be used for any pages describing a listing. Usually customers would turn this off but due to the way we cache and retain versions of the metadata these changes wouldn’t always take. We have dealt with this by disabling block addresses by default. If you have a site already, block addresses may still be on unless you have already disabled them.

Fixes in Columbus Theme

We added support for Blueprint’s meta tags library which means Open Graph tags are output when Yoast is not used. This support is already in the other themes

Fixes in Franklin Theme

The Neighborhoods drop down menu was extending past the other drop downs on the search form. This has been fixed.

When visiting a zip code page, the page would appear half loaded. The number of listings would appear, the map started to load, but no listings would actually show up. This has been fixed.

Fixes in Fremont Theme

The social links in Fremont now redirect to a new tab rather than taking the user away on the current tab.

Neighborhood links in the footer wouldn’t work if the admin changed the slug for that neighborhood. This has been resolved

Fixes in Phoenix Theme

The header logo was hidden when viewed on mobile, only showing the title instead. This has been resolved.

Fixes in Sedona Theme

The search form on the home page had a couple of issues where sometimes the magnifying glass was gone, and sometimes it moved out of the button’s borders. Both of these issues have been fixed.

The default page template sidebar showed recent posts, but if you clicked on a post, you were directed to the wrong link. This has been fixed.

Fixes in Toronto Theme

When configuring the agent’s ID and cellphone in a widget, that information would not appear on the front end. This has been resolved.

When uploading an image to use for the agent photo,