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Product Updates: Module Animations for the Win

Product Updates: Module Animations for the Win

New module animations

New Feature: Do you need custom code to build a beautiful website with Placester? No, absolutely not! Our new animations feature within modules is next-level and unlocks your website potential in a way that you've never experienced. Would you like for your website to have title text fly in from the left? Maybe a video that fades in? With our new modules animations, you can accomplish all of this with just a few clicks.


Editing your website design styling

Improvement: Our design styling options can now be adjusted throughout your entire website. If you like a specific page width, type of button style, or even the way a specific module looks, you can adjust all of that and set a default from within your design styles option.


Flexible property detail page images

Improvement: You may recognize this update from just a couple of weeks back. At Placester, we strive to continuously improve our product for our customers. In addition to having the ability to blur the background of your listing images, you now have the flexibility of overriding this option and choosing from different background colors if that's more of your thing.