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Introducing Placester's New Seamless Content Creation Experience

Introducing Placester's New Seamless Content Creation Experience

Good Content Makes a Difference

Introducing a new seamless content creation experience.

Some of the information that prospects find about you on the web—how long you’ve been in the business, which listings you have, etc.—is completely straightforward. That is, you can highlight it, but you can’t really change it.

Other information is created by others—reviews, ratings, etc.—and is therefore beyond your control. But there’s plenty of information you can control and create, and this is what we mean when we say “content”: the stuff you write, shoot, and share that differentiates you and gives prospects something to go on when they’re considering whether or not to hire you.

Still, it’s not just about creating content: it’s about creating superior content. After all, the increase in availability when it comes to information also means an increase in noise. We built the new content editor to help you produce content that's easier to consume, better to look at and more engaging.

Our new content editor is now available with all website plans. Our amazing Customer Care Team is standing by for any questions you might have about creating a website with Placester.