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Introducing: A new Placester experience

Introducing: A new Placester experience

At the end of September, we’ll all be three-quarters of the way through the most unpredictable year that we’ve ever collectively experienced. Our plans were definitely disrupted, but we tried to shift focus to better support the agents who use Placester to power their websites—and keep the real estate industry humming along.

Part of that shift meant rolling out Codeless, our brand-new custom website builder, for free to all existing Placester customers. We launched Codeless in May, giving you the ability to build your website easily from the ground up, make complicated changes on your own, and hire help seamlessly if it turns out your ambitions are outpacing your abilities.

Now that you’ve gotten a chance to play around with Codeless, we’ve added some new features that we think you’ll find even more useful.

What's new

More designs

The designs packaged into Codeless are meant to make it easy to build a professional, slick website without having to take a class in design theory. Codeless designs are infinitely customizable, allowing you to swap out or tweak logos, colors, and typefaces effortlessly across the site, and the designs also include suggestions on complementary colors for your brand.

Trying on a new design is as simple as swapping your current hat for a different one; with a click, you can see what your website would look like with a completely different design, then toggle back as easily as deciding you liked your first hat best.

Now Codeless offers even more designs for you to try on and see how they look. Even if you decide you like your current design best, you’ll know you sampled everything in the closet! Click here to view our full design library!

Powerful integrations

Zapier is the most robust integration platform available, connecting and assimilating thousands of different apps to your Placester website. Facebook (leads and ads), your outside CRM, Google Sheets, Google Contacts, and all kinds of additional automation opportunities will turn your website into a self-sustaining lead-generation machine. Check us out on Zapier and view all of the powerful integrations we offer!

Customizations galore

We know that it’s essential for you to stand out from the crowd, and one of the best ways for you to do that (while still providing everything that buyers and sellers expect from a real estate website) is by customizing your services, your niche, your real estate offerings—and your website. We’ve made that easier to do than ever before with more customization options, including an expanded video gallery, a far-flung image gallery, and new blog capabilities that will help you deliver exactly what your buyer and seller clients need most from their real estate agent.

Your real estate website has never been more necessary to your business, and we’re committed to giving you the tools you need to craft the ultimate website. If you need some help navigating our new tools, contact your Placester customer representative today; we’ll be happy to give you a quick tour!