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Feature Update: Custom Drawn Areas | Placester

Feature Update: Custom Drawn Areas | Placester

With the release of Franklin, our new responsive theme, the Placester team has also unveiled a major update to our Custom Drawn Areas feature.

Our Custom Drawn Areas tool set lets you outline and label areas and neighborhoods on a detailed, interactive map. This functionality is great for highlighting areas that aren’t well-mapped, as well as for highlighting smaller areas (like Boston’s “Beacon Hill” neighborhood) that aren’t listed in MLSs.

To create a Custom Drawn Area, open your WordPress admin dashboard, hover over the Placester tab on the left, then click on “Custom Drawn Areas.” From here, you’ll be able to zoom in on a map of the United States so you can target the area you want to highlight. (You can also type in an address to focus the map.) Once you have the map focused on the area you want to highlight, simply click “Create New Custom Drawn Area” on the right and then click on the map to drop the first marker of your outline.

Once you’ve dropped your first marker, you can continue clicking and dropping markers to create your outline. When you’re finished, click the first marker you dropped to finalize the outline and then give your custom area a name. By setting the “Area Type” (state, zip, city, or neighborhood), you can control which pages are created for this area. You can also control the color, border, and opacity of the outline so it looks just the way you want.

We’d love to hear what you think about our new Custom Drawn Areas feature update. Feel free send us an email at or give us a call 1-800-728-8391.