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Increase conversion with new features + Custom thank you pages

Increase conversion with new features + Custom thank you pages

Increase conversion in lead generation campaigns and building sales funnels with new Placester features. Spare a few minutes to learn more about a Custom Thank You Page, Extended Video Modules & the option of Highlighting a chosen Element in the Navigation Bar. Watch the product update video with Luke. 

Build an effective funnel with a Custom Thank You Page

A steady flow of new leads every month is the most basic necessity of every successful brokerage. Our new features allow users to create a custom thank you page for visitors who leave their contact information when they are visiting your website. Building efficient funnels has never been easier!

Create a custom page that suits your needs and link it with the form that you use on your website. Click the "Custom Thank You Page" option in the form builder and select the page you want to transfer your prospects to. It's worth mentioning that the page can be public or not. 

There are a number of ways to use this feature to boost your lead gen campaigns. For example, you can build a funnel to send visitors to download an exclusive ebook after filling out the contact form. 

With this simple step, you create an opportunity for a sophisticated funnel to boost your lead gen. 

Showcase your location with Video

Showing a video instead of a photo gallery brings more results. That's why with the recent update we extended the capabilities of our video module. You are no longer limited to just one video. Now you can show multiple clips, with a description and a custom made button for the entire section.

You can give your visitors a more exciting and engaging experience than just looking over pictures and then transfer them to a selected page with a custom made button to increase conversion even further. 

Highlight an Element in The Navigation Bar

Promoting resources is a vital element of generating leads in the real estate business. The last feature we want to put a spotlight on in this entry is an option to highlight an element in the navigation bar, changing it to a Call To Action button. This way you can direct your visitors' attention and funnel them further into the desired subpage. This tool is perfect for showcasing a specific service or promoting resources. 

That's it for today. Stay tuned for upcoming product update videos!