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A bird's-eye view | Placester

A bird's-eye view | Placester

Placester is a secure way to manage and discover real estate. We allow any property owner, manager, real estate agency, or service provider to easily distribute listings data to anyone. Once shared through Placester, this data is freely available to anyone the provider chooses. Let us worry about data types, compatibilities, uptime, and all the other headaches associated with sharing and collecting listing data—we do it all. For free.

With over two decades of combined real estate experience, the team here at Placester knows how challenging it can be to get the word out about your properties. We also realize that finding a reliable source of quality listing data is nearly impossible.  We’ve solved this problem with the following in mind:

Eliminate Security Concerns

The fundamental question we asked ourselves was: how is anyone supposed to share something they’re worried about losing? It’s not just about ‘industry leading standards,’ encryption, or working solely with the best partners.  Placester gives you peace of mind because we don’t share the exact location of your properties—only the general area is visible.  Ultimately, the data is worthless without you.

Time Savings

Posting and gathering listings data is time consuming—creating accounts, managing accounts, checking back in, and matching up your data to different formats is a huge time investment.  With Placester, you don’t need to deal with all that.  We take care of all the time consuming stuff, so you can focus on growing your business.

Increased Exposure

More than 80% of real estate companies (owners, managers, and agencies) aren’t really companies—they’re individuals. Similarly, 99% of real estate websites get less than 100,000 hits a month. Yet despite their enormous share of the industry, the smaller players rarely get the exposure they deserve. Placester has responded by extending your marketing reach like never before—especially for hard-to-reach regional, niche, and small markets.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Placester is focused on effective distribution of listings data, not just mass exposure. All real estate companies and all real estate websites will benefit significantly from Placester’s transparent approach to lead generation, statistics, and analytics.

Respect Industry Traditions

The real estate industry is one of the oldest in existence, and as such, has a number of traditions and norms regarding how everyone works together. We built Placester to respect these relationships. Placester will conform to your business, not the reverse.

In the coming months, we’ll be implementing a transaction model around this free sharing of data. It’s heavily based on the points above. If you’re a property owner, manager, real estate agency, or a service provider, it means optimized ad spending. If you’re a publisher (such as a real estate website), it means access to revenue opportunities deep within a complex industry.

We’ll be posting here regularly about updates to Placester, like new features, publishers, markets, and of course our (occasionally) witty take on the happenings in the real estate and tech industry.