Introducing Custom Lead Capture Forms and Pages


By Colin Ryan

Feature Release

These days, it feels like every website, article, video, or blog post is after our contact information. Most internet users’ inboxes are full of junk emails they don’t even remember subscribing to—and real estate is no different. So when you ask your website visitors for their email or phone number, it’s crucial that you answer the question: “What’s in it for me?”

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce two new Placester tools to help you send a clear message about the unique value you bring to the table: Custom Lead Capture Forms and Custom Landing Pages.

Custom Lead Capture Forms

In addition to using our Advanced Lead Capture settings to determine when and where to ask for visitors’ contact information, Placester users can now personalize the copy and fields on popup lead capture forms across their websites.

To customize your forms, simply visit the lead capture settings pane in your Sites app. You can add a custom title, description, and button text to create a clear call to action. Users can also craft a unique “thank you” message for visitors who complete their forms.

Placester users can also select which form fields (name, email, phone number, and questions) to include or exclude from their lead capture forms. Plus, any field can be made optional or required, helping you achieve an optimal response rate.

Custom Landing Pages

In addition to customizing their forms, advanced Placester users can now create unique landing pages designed to convert visitors into leads. Whether it’s a home valuation report, a neighborhood guide, or a client testimonial, Custom Landing Pages enable you to craft a page around a unique offer or proof point.

Start by explaining your offer with a headline, images, and body content. You can also hide your site’s navigation and footer to keep visitors engaged.

In addition to personalizing your content, you can use Custom Landing Pages to build a special lead capture form. Use the drag-and-drop interface in our Form Builder to add a variety of fields, including price ranges, zip codes, dates, text boxes, check boxes, drop-down menus, and more.

Custom Lead Capture Forms and Custom Landing Pages are available in Placester’s Essential, Premium, and Premium Plus subscriptions.

Want to learn more about our Custom Lead Capture tools? Schedule a demo with our team today!

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