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Thoughts and reviews of clients with ProTools

John White

I’m probably the least technical person on the planet, and I was able to build a beautiful, professional-looking website with no website building experience. It’s easy, it’s intuitive, it’s simple.

Jeff Nelson

Placester is the best platform I’ve ever used or researched…I’ve been talking to people every day that were brand new, registering on my website. What I’ve done with Placester, I can’t understand why anybody else wouldn’t do this as well.

Dawn Richardson

Placester’s support team was great. They were very responsive with answering my questions. The backend is user friendly for a non-tech person. I had my site up and running and received my first lead within 24 hours.

Adrianne McEwen

I was impressed with how quickly and efficiently I could edit the site and create new content, as well the built-in IDX integration for my clients to search for homes. Thanks Placester!

Carrie Perkins

Instead of going with a fully custom solution for thousands and thousands of dollars, I found everything that we needed was in the Placester platform, and it was so easy to use.

Jim Hunt

With most companies you don’t get a call offering to help, nor is it easy to contact someone. At Placester I received a personal call and responses to email were quick.

Sherita High

Placester’s support and account teams have been great. They are prompt and responsive … very helpful in answering questions and the ease of setup was wonderful.

Carol Schwaner

Placester support representatives are prompt, pleasant, easy to understand, and extremely knowledgable. Each interaction has upheld the same fine quality. I wish more companies had customer service of this caliber.

Roger Terneuzen

I have received a lot of positive feedback about my site. Clients, customers, and friends appreciate the opportunity to search for their next home directly from my website!

Christine McLellan

Placester establishes my online brand as the real estate agent they should hire! [A site] needs to work great on web & mobile with great design and photos.