Real Estate Website Design 101 24 pages

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Transform your real estate website into a lead-generating machine.

  • Learn the crucial elements of an effective agent site

  • Explore must-have landing pages

  • Get tips and tricks from online marketing experts

  • Word of mouth and open houses have been the go-to strategies estate professionals have relied on for decades. But today’s home buyers and sellers have grown up in a digital world, and they are used to doing research online before getting in touch or meeting with an agent.

    If you give your potential customers a bad online experience, they are far less likely to take the next step with you. You may also damage your agency’s reputation.

    But if you spend time and energy to create a mobile-friendly, intuitive business website, this will put you ahead of other real estate pros in your market.

    Every home buyer and seller expects a professional-looking, easy-to-navigate, well-designed real estate website from agents today. Make sure yours is ahead of the curve with this illustrated design guide.


  • Matthew Bushery Sr. Content Creator, Placester