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Using Google Analytics to Understand Your Mobile Marketing Impact

Using Google Analytics to Understand Your Mobile Marketing Impact

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Using Google Analytics to Understand Your Mobile Marketing Impact

If you’re struggling to drive sales and attract leads through your real estate website, it could be because you’re failing to reach consumers where they’re browsing: on their mobile devices. Here’s how you can use Google Analytics to see how your site is performing (or not performing) on the mobile web.How much of my traffic is mobile?

Half of consumers say that even if even if they like a business, they’ll use its site less often if it doesn’t work well on their smartphone. It follows that the more people accessing your real estate website from a smartphone or tablet, the bigger the impact a mobile-unfriendly design will have on your conversion rate.

To investigate this, log into Google Analytics and head to your site’s Dashboard. Then select Advanced Segments and check the boxes for Mobile and Tablets.

See how much of your website traffic comes from mobile devices

This will show you what percentage of your visitors are viewing your site via the mobile web. If mobile makes up 20 percent or more of your overall traffic, chances are you’re missing out on a significant number of leads.

Which devices are people using to view my website?

You can also use Google Analytics to get insight into which mobile devices your customers are using. This will inform your decision about how to redesign your site’s layout and content to suit your visitors’ needs.

An overlay of browser window sizes on your site

To do this, head to the Content tab and select In-Page Analytics. This will load your site’s main page within Google Analytics. Next, select the Browser Window button and click Show Percentiles to see a summary overlay of the most popular browser window sizes. This will show you how much of your site visitors can see, and what’s getting cut off.

Once you’ve conducted your mobile analysis, it’s time to decide how you’ll redesign your real estate website for mobile visitors. For tips on this process, check out our free eBook below: Responsive Design for the Real Estate Industry: How to Choose a Mobile Theme That Drives Sales.

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