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The Benefits of Responsive Design for Real Estate

The Benefits of Responsive Design for Real Estate

12 min read
The Benefits of Responsive Design for Real Estate

Consider the following:

  • Mobile Internet traffic will exceed desktop Internet traffic in 2014.
  • 66 percent of Americans ages 24-35 now own a smartphone.
  • Mobile users are three times more likely than desktop users to contact a real estate professional following their mobile search.

Clearly, mobile is the future of real estate marketing–and when it comes to redesigning your real estate website for a mobile audience, responsive design is your best bet. Here’s why:

It’s flexible.

A responsive design website automatically detects your visitors’ screen resolution and browser size, adjusting your site elements to provide the best, most readable version of your real estate website for the devices they’re using.

It’s powerful.

Unlike the stripped-down experience of mobile-only sites and mobile apps, responsive designs allow you to adapt your site to mobile devices without removing the deep features or functionality you get from a full desktop site.

It’s universal.

Mobile-only sites and apps have to be designed separately from scratch, posing additional technological challenges as well as a risk of confusing both visitors and search engines. With responsive design, you only need to build it once, saving you time, money, and SEO juice.

It’s modern.

Responsive design is on the cutting edge, ensuring your real estate website will keep pace with technological changes in the years to come. Additionally, Google and other search engines tend to reward sites that use modern web design techniques and up-to-date programming like HTML5.

For more reasons to build your real estate website with responsive design, check out our free eBook below: Responsive Design for the Real Estate Industry: How to Choose a Mobile Theme That Drives Sales.

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