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Starting Your Client List in 5 Steps

Starting Your Client List in 5 Steps

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Starting Your Client List in 5 Steps

Developing a list of contacts and clients as a new real estate agent is no easy task. Here are five steps for getting the ball rolling.

Step 1: Make a Plan

Set aside blocks of time in your daily schedule for prospecting and eliminate all distractions. Once you’ve established a routine, work with your broker to come up with a set of realistic goals for contacts and customers. Set monthly, weekly, even daily outreach quotas. This will give you targets to aim for and help you decide whether your strategy and approach are working.

Step 2: Leverage Your Relationships

While reaching new people is important, it’s much more likely that you’re already well acquainted with your first client. Make a list of everyone you know in your area, from your sister, to your best friend, to the guy at the dry cleaners. Tell everyone on the list that you’re a new real estate agent and you’re accepting new clients. Update contact information and enter those details in your contact management system or CRM.

Step 3: Volunteer for Floor Duty

While it’s not the most fun part of the job, floor duty has its benefits for a new agent hoping to find new clients. For instance, floor duty enables you to engage walk-ins and call-ins before anyone else, giving you essential sales practice and first crack at a potential customer. As the go-to guy or girl for grunt work, you’ll also score points with colleagues and brokers, who may be more inclined to toss a lead your way.

Step 4: Create a Real Estate Website

The best way to show prospective clients what you have to offer them is to build a real estate website that displays your professionalism, your understanding of your craft, and, of course, your inventory. Make sure your site uses the most up-to-date technology, including a responsive design, an SEO-friendly structure, and an IDX solution that automatically updates your property listings.

Step 5: Build a Mailing List

Once you’ve gotten the ball rolling on your contact list, stay top of mind with your network by engaging them via email. Take every opportunity to get an email address, both in your conversations and with calls to action on your website. Keep your contacts interested by offering them neighborhood guides, informative blog posts, and other valuable, high-quality content. Don’t use email to sell: instead, demonstrate your expertise and direct people to your website, where they can see proof that you’re the agent they should be working with.

What else should new agents do to build out their client lists? Tell us your favorite strategies in the comments section below!

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