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10 Pages You Need for Real Estate Lead Generation Success [Ebook]

By Matthew Bushery


real estate website pagesWhen building a house, construction crews don’t start by adding doors, windows, and installations first. That’s because they can’t. Rather, before all else, they need to put in the foundation: the essential component needed to complete the rest of the home.

The same logic applies to your IDX website and real estate lead generation strategy. You can’t focus on sending email newsletters to prospects and sharing content on social media until you’ve built out the framework of your site — that is, create numerous pages filled with in-depth blog posts, special resources for home buyers and sellers, and detailed information about the community.

The end result of all of this published content to your website is the ability to promote the assets to your audience, earn more traffic, and convert more site visitors into workable real estate leads — the exact process we teach in a comprehensive, step-by-step ebook for agents.

Download our “10 Must-Create Website Pages to Boost Your Online Lead Generation” ebook today to discover how you can earn new buyer and seller prospects from your IDX real estate website.

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Getting an easy-to-edit, responsive IDX website with built-in search tools is your first step to real estate lead gen success.

You can’t put the cart before the horse. When it comes to your online real estate marketing, you need to have the right tools, systems, and processes in place to ensure your digital brand promotion reaches the appropriate people — the types of clients you typically represent (new home buyers, luxury sellers, etc.) — and gets that demographic to follow you on social media, sign up for your email newsletter, and — yup — regularly visit your IDX site.

Start with the most obvious need for your online marketing by researching the best real estate website providers out there (we know a pretty good one). The ideal site offer pre-made, modern, responsive themes that instantly provide you a sleek-looking web presence that looks just as high-quality on desktop as on mobile devices and offers several customizable features: from various types of real estate lead capture forms, to different niche landing pages you can create.

Once you’ve got your site ready to push live, it’s time to shine. Add in tons of copy that explains every facet of your brand, like how many years you’ve been in the business and the types of specific marketing services you provide clients. Then, support that core agency info with some stunning visual collateral: brand explainer videos, beautiful listing photos, a chic logo, and other aesthetic elements that can make your site dazzle and keep your visitors around. Placester IDX real estate website homepage

Flesh out an editorial calendar for your site so you know what content to create for prospective real estate leads.

Content marketing: the never-ending process of publishing educational housing tips through blog posts, downloadable buying and selling resources, and market-centric pages that explain your local area so you can inform your audience and get them to come back time and again.

You may not deem yourself skilled in the art of content creation, but as long as you’re a knowledgeable real estate professional who understands the intricacies of your community and has a unique view on the buying and/or selling process, you’re far more capable of crafting original and illuminating IDX site content than you think.

Your real estate content planning starts with fleshing out an editorial calendar — one that maps out the posts and pages you want to create in the weeks and months ahead and allots time for you to create, publish, and promote said content to maximize its effectiveness … and help you generate many real estate leads.

Given you can turn pretty much any content collateral into multiple assets, developing a concentrated content plan really isn’t as difficult as you may think. So, plan out some time to brainstorm some unique real estate lead gen content ideas for the next quarter or so, then plan time to produce those pieces each week so you can get the right folks finding their way to your site via search engines. Placester IDX real estate website IDX pages

Integrate your IDX so you can publish several distinct listing pages featuring only the best, relevant homes for sale.

No longer are the days where you can only sync your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and be forced to show every listing in your market on your real estate website (or, worse, having to painstakingly add listings manually). Nowadays, site providers, like Placester, allow you to create area pages that can display only the most appropriate homes for sale and rent your visitors will want to know about.

In short, this is a game-changer for today’s real estate agents and brokers. Why? Well, think about your audience: Do they want to see every single listing in your market? Or, would you rather they see only the homes on the market you tend to close deals for? It’s clear the latter is the best path to real estate lead gen success for modern-day industry pros.

The good news is you don’t have to rely on just one measly area page either: You can develop several distinct listing pages for different market segments (e.g. one for homes between $250,000 and $500,000; one for homes in different neighborhoods; one for different property types, like townhomes and apartment buildings).

At the end of the day, this is what home buyers want to see on agents’ sites, so the more easily you can showcase only the most applicable listings, the stronger your real estate marketing strategy will become — and the more leads you’ll get in your CRM database that you can start nurturing.

Download our IDX website real estate lead generation ebook today to get even more detailed advice you can use for your marketing plan.

What types of content do you share on your real estate website to generate more prospects? Share your approach with us below!

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