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Cracking the Real Estate Content Marketing Code with Keller Williams Realty’s Barbara Woyak

By Matthew Bushery

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Keller Williams Realty Barbara Woyak Placester webinarIf it seems like real estate content marketing comes pretty easy to Keller Williams Associate Barbara Woyak and her Arizona-based team, that’s because it really does. This fact becomes even more evident after one peruses her Placester website for even just a few minutes.

In fact, when you examine her IDX website, you’ll find a sizable number of pages and posts that explain every little facet about the Scottsdale market and blog entries that go into amazing detail about how to buy, sell, and maintain a home in the community — not to mention info on the best restaurants, spas, parks, events, and entertainment options in the area.

To help other agents (such as yourself) learn how easy it can be to set up and execute a modern content marketing plan for your real estate business, Woyak joined us for a live webinar, during which we gleaned many interesting insights as to how she and the other KW Associates at Select Realty Group make the most of their Placester sites — particularly through daily blogging, new and revised pages, and, in general, a commitment to content excellence.

Check out our recap of the Q&A session below, and be sure to watch the whole conversation with Woyak about her content strategy so you can discover all of the advice she has for other Realtors like you who want to become content experts, hone their marketing crafts, and generate more business online.


Once the foundation of Woyak’s real estate website was set, she turned her attention to community pages.

No construction foreman in their right mind worries about a house’s aesthetics, like painting and bordering, before ensuring the foundation of the building is fully implemented and as strong as can be. Thus, it’s little surprise all marketers don’t create ads and social media shares for their site pages before actually … you know … creating lots of site pages.

Woyak is no different with her Placester website, as she and her team have focused on building the best possible digital presence for their brand, then crafted some “bonus” content — like area and community pages — that can further augment their online efforts.

“The first that we started with [after getting the website up] was our community pages,” said Woyak. “We wanted to make sure when people came to our site and they went to our communities that we gave them a good representation of what communities we work in, the types of amenities of each of the different communities. So that’s where we actually started: building the content for our site.

“They want to know what schools are available, if they’re in a golf course community or what other amenities are available in the community, if they have a clubhouse, how close is it to shopping, what other activities are around. Arizona is all about the outdoor lifestyle, so is it close to hiking, close to golf courses, close to tennis courts — things like that. So we try to include all of the information for each of our communities.”

“Buyers start with, ‘What can I afford in my price range?’ but then it all comes down to emotions.”

Considerable amounts of explanatory copy is a must for this kind of real estate website page, but, as Woyak elaborated, so too are visuals that can support that page text and make the site stand out even more to prospective clients.

“In addition to each of the communities, we start with providing links to the homeowner’s association, to that information,” Woyak said. “We tried to do a map of the community so they can see where it is in relation to the schools, the freeways, the shopping centers — things like that. We also have a list of what else is there to do and see in Scottsdale — where are all the … things that people like to do. Where’s the zoo? Where’s the butterfly museum?”

The one thing agents need to keep in mind when crafting area and community pages for their IDX sites, Woyak noted, is to remember that home buyers want more than just info on listings — they want to know what’s happening around those listings.

“[Buyers] start with, ‘What can I afford in my price range?’ but then it all comes down to emotions and ‘How is this place going to make me feel?,” said Woyak. “What other things can I do besides just live in my house?’ I think a lot of people are looking for a particular lifestyle, and we want to show them what it would be like.”

While Woyak handles her fair share of content creation, having an assistant to aid her has proven helpful.

You don’t need to close eight figures’ worth of deals annually to afford a real estate marketing assistant for your agency. Woyak and her team have hired such an individual to help with her content plan, and the investment is paying off in a huge way for her Scottsdale firm.

Take the aforementioned community pages, for example. Having someone to bounce ideas off of and get ideas from has provided a big boost for her IDX website optimization.

“We want to share information about the type of housing that’s available within the community.”

“First, [my assistant and I] drafted an outline of what information we wanted for each community, and obviously, it started with high-quality photos,” said Woyak. “For each community, we try to create a slideshow to give a good representation of what it would be like to live in the community. … Then, of course, we have a list of all of the homes that are for sale in each of the communities.

“What we did is I worked with my assistant and we put down exactly what I wanted to see for each of the communities and … it started with the visuals: If I lived in that community, what would I see every day? We want to share information about the type of housing that’s available within the community. … We kind of wanted to be the source of the source [by linking to relevant sources]. … The assistant I have working with me went out and found those photos [and links] for me.”

Though the page and post development never really ends, we suspect Woyak is more than happy to have a helping hand on deck when the inspiration is low and the other core tasks to handle are too many.

Learn how Woyak makes the most of her Placester website in this insightful case study of her Arizona-based agency.

Placester case study Select Realty Group Barbara Woyak

After detailing the specific micro areas within her market, Woyak set out to create unique, themed blog posts.

Besides having a few dozen (or more) pages linked to your website navigation, it’s also vital to have a regular real estate blogging strategy in place. While one of Woyak’s initial concerns was how she would find original angles for each post she wanted to create, she and her team soon found an elegant solution.

“This whole [blog series] started because we were doing some Facebook ads, and we were trying to direct people to our [site], and we realized when we first started, we didn’t really have anything to give [our audience] to direct them to our [site] other than listings,” said Woyak.

“This whole blog series started because … we were trying to direct people to our site.”

“So, we asked, ‘What can we start with?’” Woyak continued. “We started with the stuff we already have. Every week, we get an email from my lender that says, ‘What’s going on in the mortgage market this week.’ And once a month, I get an email … with a home maintenance tip of month. So we started with that [as inspiration], and said okay, ‘How can we start building something around that?’ So then we decided to come up with a theme for each day.”

Now, when writing out her content for the weeks ahead, Woyak and Co. have a very solid handle on what they need to craft for their real estate blog.

“We call Mondays our Market Monday, so we either have information about what’s going in the market — either, you know, the real estate market and/or the mortgage market,” said Woyak. “Tuesday is Tasty Tuesday. We have so many restaurants here, we could probably blog about a single restaurant every single day and not run out.

“Also … we think about the time of year [for this post series]. Three or four weeks before Valentine’s Day, we wrote about restaurants that would be great for a romantic dinner. For Easter … we’re blogging about where to go for Easter brunch.”

To continually better her Placester site, Woyak knows she has to analyze her audience’s needs and online metrics.

Woyak knows all of this content creation will likely pay significant dividends in the long run (hello, page one of search results), but she and her crew also realize there’s not much point to churning out new pages and posts at the rate they are if they don’t promote them heavily and understand which prove most beneficial for their marketing (and sales) goals.

“I was looking at how people are coming to our site [in Google Analytics],” Woyak noted. “Most of them are coming from Facebook, but I was kind of surprised recently to see a lot of them coming from Twitter. We re-post our blog posts everywhere, [but] that was kind of a shocker when I saw that.So I guess the moral of the story is re-post your [articles] everywhere because you never know where [your IDX website visitors] are going to come from.”

“So I guess the moral of the story is re-post your [articles] everywhere because you never know where [your IDX website visitors] are going to come from.”

On top of recognizing the best-performing content and sharing it everywhere online, Woyak seems to be attuned to the fact that the best content can be created for her Placester website for free and with practically no effort at all — through client testimonials.

“We just try to get feedback from all our clients,” said Woyak. “Just give us a couple of sentences: ‘What did you like about working with us?’ Because when someone is trying to select the agent they want, third-party testimonials are always powerful. If someone said they did a good job, then they must’ve done a good job.”

Watch the Placester team’s conversation with KW’s Barbara Woyak to learn about her real estate content marketing plan.

Placester webinar Keller Williams Barbara Woyak

What do you think about Woyak’s approach to planning, creating, and promoting content? Share your thoughts below!

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