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Personal Branding A to Z: 26 Tips for Building an Unstoppable Real Estate Brand [Infographic]


By Seth Price

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Seth Price Placester personal branding infographicDeveloping a real estate branding strategy might seem like something that should come after building lead generation and nurturing plans for your agency, but the truth is you won’t earn many prospects to nurture in the first place if you haven’t yet established your personal branding.

That’s where this special guide can help.

I have interviewed over 250 successful personal branders — from Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin to Chris Smith and Ben Bacal (who sold more than $400 million in real estate last year with a team of just 6). They have graciously offered a plethora of branding advice you can use to enhance awareness of your business today.

Filter through the alphabet in the enlightening infographic below to find the best personal branding tactics and strategies that are right for you — from the influencers mentioned above and many others in and out of the real estate industry.

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Seth Price Placester personal branding infographic

Discover even more in-depth personal branding tips for agents and brokers in our Become a Real Estate Marketing Superstar ebook, featuring insights from several of the industry’s best and brightest.

Also, check out my book, The Road to Recognition, to see in-depth personal branding recommendations from myself, co-author Barry Feldman, and a number of expert marketers and entrepreneurs.

Which tactics and channels listed in the infographic above do you employ for your agency’s real estate branding strategy? Share your branding approach with us below!

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