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[Video] Marketing Academy Secrets: How to Use Google Adwords to Grow Your Business

By Seth Price


In episode 20 of Marketing Academy Secrets, we reveal the secrets to using Google Adwords to grow your business online.

The Basics

What’s really cool about Google AdWords is it allows you to provide advertising to folks that are searching for specific keywords or that are showing certain behaviors online. For example, we’re in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s really beautiful outside – right in front of the Charles Rivers. There’s probably folks searching for apartments and homes right in this area. If I were farming this area, I’d want to advertise to those folks.

Buyers & Sellers

And there’s two different types of folks that you’re focusing on: buyers and sellers. You’ll need to decide which to advertise to, since there’s different messaging for each one.

If you’re focusing on buyers, you’ll have a different conversion since most folks aren’t going to give you their name and email right away. You can take them to a search results page where they can see listings. If you’re a buyer searching for an apartment, you want to see properties. You don’t really want someone’s guide.

If you’re going after sellers, that’s very different. Sellers’ mindset – and there can be lots of different reasoning there – is focused on finding insight on how to get the best value for their property, when to sell it, and how much to sell it for. So you can exchange information that you have about the market for their name and email address. Really, that’s permission for you to continue the conversation and hopefully turn those folks into customers.

Types of AdWords ads

Google’s main three options for advertising are keywords (so, pay-per-click, or PPC, for terms that people type in to search), banner ads (you see them either on the top or left of search results and on other folks’ sites), or retargeting. Retargeting is either good or bad, depending on how you view it. Basically, when you visit a site – Trulia, for example – and you visit some properties there, every site you go to afterward is going to show you a Trulia ad. That’s retargeting: someone’s paying to track your behavior and hopefully continually show that advertisement to get you to remember who they are.

Creating an AdWords campaign

Where I would start is a simple pay-per-click ad. Text is the easiest way to start, so then you don’t have to think about visual creative. Make the decision first about whether you’re going for buyers or sellers – I would probably go for sellers, especially in the market that we’re in now. It’s a seller’s market, so they’re like gold. Lots of brokers will tell you: the more sellers you have, the more buyers you have.

So, you set up a simple campaign, do a little bit of research into the keywords that folks in your market might be searching for and whether that’s geographic, and then write a very small amount of text that is going to get them to do something. That’s a call-to-action (CTA). An example is, “Get a free market on Cambridge Condos New on the Market.” The link to that is going to drive them to a landing page, and that page will exchange the report that you promised for a name and an email. It’s the same type of conversion: you’re starting the conversation online, getting someone to click, and you’re capturing their name and email so that you can build your list and market to them in the future.

Keyword Research

So where you determine what keywords to focus on is Google’s Keyword Planner tool. You can access it through your Google Adwords account. What it’s going to do is tell you what terms are searched for, how many folks are searching for them, and the cost-per-click (CPC) if you decide to use that term to advertise on. It’s a great resource for doing research before you start.

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