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How To Create Logos Without a Designer

How To Create Logos Without a Designer

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How To Create Logos Without a Designer

It’s impossible to tackle the topic of branding without talking about logos. A well-designed real estate logo can elevate any piece of content you put out into the world: your website, business cards, listing flyers, and so on. A bad logo, meanwhile, can give consumers second thoughts about your professionalism and expertise, causing them to look elsewhere for their real estate agent. The world’s most successful brands have spent millions of dollars to design their logos. Luckily, there are a variety of free and low-cost tools and services out there to help you develop a real estate logo for your business.

If you have: nothing except the name of your company

You need: Launchaco’s Logo Builder

Why? This free tool walks you through two of the most important elements of logo design: font and color. Using best practices from the graphic design world, Launchaco explains what different fonts and color palettes convey to your audience. If you’re not sure what sort of messaging you’d like to convey, try our Brand Positioning Exercise to generate some ideas.

Using Launchaco is incredibly simple. Here’s a look at how I created a logo for a company called Wolf Realty on Launchaco:

If you have: company name, colors, fonts

You need: Canva or Crello

Why? These free tools give you much more freedom and resources to create a logo using the design choices you already have in mind. Both offer several striking logo templates that are easy to customize with your own icons, colors, and fonts. These are great if you already have a general idea of what you want for your logo.

Here’s how I used Canva to create another logo for Wolf Realty:

If you have: a small budget

You need: An online design service

Why? Even with the tools above, not all of us have the talent or know-how to design a logo that captures our vision for our brand. These companies do one thing, and they do it well at a variety of price points.


Fiverr is the original freelance graphic designer marketplace. You can explore various pricing options that vary based on the number of sample logos the designer will create for you. Each designer’s profile lets you explore previous work they have created, so you can see the quality of their work before you invest.

Tailor Brands

Screenshot of Tailor Brand Homepage

This service offers a branding bundle, which includes a customized logo for both online and print usage. Tailor Brands allows you to work with a designer to create a logo from scratch, or use their algorithm-based design services to generate a logo.


Screenshot of 99Designs Logo Design Page

This is one of the biggest names in online logo creation. While 99Designs is the priciest option on this list, the service does offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Each of 99Design’s packages includes a design intake and 20+ logo mock-ups, with several revision rounds. If you’re looking for the best without breaking the bank, then this is the service for you.

Love your real estate logo? Tell us about your logo design process! Send a copy of your logo and its origin story to: and you could be featured in our next Academy article!

Looking for more tools and services? Check out our list of 50 Real Estate Graphic Design Resources.

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