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Free Real Estate Buyers Guide Ebook Template [Download]


By Seth Price


Creating a real estate marketing ebook can be overwhelming. It requires research, coming up with the copy, figuring out the design, and then putting the whole thing together in a way your audience will love. No need to panic! We worked with a bunch of seasoned real estate professionals to save you the trouble and come up with this fantastic ebook template, “The Real Estate Buyers Guide.” It’s available as PDF, Keynote, & PowerPoint files.

You can use these templates for free, without attribution. The PDF file can be used as is; there’s no branding on it. Just remove the pages you don’t want and voila! You’re good to go. Meanwhile, the Keynote & PowerPoint files allow you to add all kinds of customization.

Download The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home eBook

Customization you might want to consider:

  • Add your own text
  • Insert custom images
  • Paste your company’s logo
  • Add additional pages
  • Change the color theme

Once you’re done, your shiny new ebook will be ready to go on a landing page, printed to hand out, or added as an email attachment. Remember: customize an ebook your customers will gladly give up their contact information for.

I’d love to hear about your personal experiences with creating this kind of content. What works best for you? You can comment below, send me an email or find me on Twitter at @sethstuff.

Special thanks to Mike Denham, Chris Florek, Steve Haas, Tara Sundaram, Susan Lewis, Michelle Poccia, Sylvie Zolezzi, Kerri Wade, Doug Straub, Kerry Lucasse, Jim Young, Natasha Wasuck, Tammie Williams, Jack Girvan, Martin MillnerShirley Colwell ShepherdPatrick Harfst, Arizona Williams White, Donnie KellerAmy Curtis, Rachel Edwards, Ethan Atkinson, Thomas McEvoy, Halina Degnan, Hilary WalkerMike Skillman, Don Corson, Philip A. Raices, Raymond E. Camp and many others. Thanks for all your suggestions and feedback.

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